Google search help?

Brad William /

Anyone know if it's possible to search for specific-interest forums ranked by activity?

I've always wanted to know this. For instance... want to ask a question about my honda civic. There are two dozen honda civic forums listed. Often the first listing hasn't been visited by a member in weeks or months. The tenth listing has sixteen posts/answers on topic that very day. I had to sift through nine forums to find this out.

Is it possible to cut to the chase?

Re: Google search help?

Ask Google your question and it will show you the site(s) with answers

Re: Google search help?

You can maybe search by recency, I think its something:30d for 30 days, whatever sites active prolly gonna have the most recent answers?

Re: Google search help?

Here's a search site that won't track you. I hardly ever google anything.

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