more 2t wtf

port and ignition timing? airleaks? mixture? spark plug? we don't need no steenkin spawk plug!

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Re: more 2t wtf

this is awesome

Re: more 2t wtf


Re: more 2t wtf

Chöschi21 C.K. /

I always wanted to turn a V2 Air compressor into a Working engine...

Re: more 2t wtf

I just saw this a little bit ago. I’ve seen worse “engineering” videos come out of generic Asian YouTube channels. I wish he kept more of the original housing and favored metal and welding over acrylic and superglue. Interesting project nonetheless, really shows off the simplicity of two strokes.

Re: more 2t wtf

The clear crankcase is cool because it lets you see the fuel/oil presence in the bottom end as the engine is running.

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