big harley ride

i rode my '00 dyna (dyan) to NJ and back from GA last week. roughly 850 miles each way. a close friend of mine passed away and i had to get up there for the memorial. i probably could have flown, but dyan loves going 100mph, it was EPIC. i've ridden to ATL a few times and once did 10 hours on the bike in stop and go traffic for hurricane evac. this was the biggest ride i ever done did, and i did do it, all the way. i got a big army duffel, 16 bungee chords, and 1 ratchet strap. i got +4 legs in front and nicely broken in stock shocks in back, so it's cushy, but stable. my pipes are loud as fuck, so people get the fuck outta my way. when i let off the gas goin fast my shit EXPLODES for a sec, like jake brake on semis, so dudes know when i come up behind them in the fast lane. i took the "inland route" so as to dodge DC and not get stuck in the terrorist traffic jam. it takes you through the mountains and shit and the more or less midpoint, "fancy gap VA," the worlds greatest highway exit and mountain top econo lodge.

the first leg (GA to fancy gap) was chill. roads leavin GA are that lined concrete shit so you have to learn to accept having your bike wander. it's cool once you get used to it and useful for riding on donk shit. the first way, i made it all the way to NJ without a drop of rain. i was wondering about carburetor jetting, but i occurred to me that this bike was jetted in PA, and ran good in GA, so it should be fine, right? i had extra plugs anyway. it got cold as shit in MD, but i was ready for it. really, like right on the MD line. this big metal valve thing fell off a semi and crashed down the road right next to me, but i was ok. i just turned blue/heart stopped for a sec.

got to NJ, saw a lot of old homies. counted my blessings. so glad i got out of there when i did. saw dado. dad's doing 100 mile bike rides on a bicycle that cost more than my dyna. electronic derailleurs. carbon errrythang.

coming back, the first leg was all rain. took like 10 hours. went 65 a lot. stopped a lot. harley tank holds like almost 5 gallons if its totally empty, so most of my stops were like not quite 4 gal. this gets me close to 200 miles, so i do get to take a lot of little "breaks". doing the "cowboy walk" into various gas stations in various "exit towns" was hilarious. i slosh in there, soaked and shaking, vape still comin out, super highway boots on splashin in puddles. ha. i made it to fancy gap tho, and blowdried my boots. the next day was nice again so i went no less than 80 and 100 until it felt normal. it was great, GRAND even. i had cobra man going in my headphones and the pavement was fair. i feel like the 90's - early 00's harleys are just the bee's knee's. do you really feel comfortable going 90 all day on your amf shovel? do 50's harleys even go 100 stock? u gonna ride that antique all day next to 18 wheelers in the rain? evos and twin cams baby, for zorchin quick and dirty! few thousand bucks gets you an air cooled 1 carb easy as fuck to work on bike (big moped) that can go on the highway and kill everything! any moped dude can work on harleys. they're even simpler in some respects.

i brought all kinds of tools and shit. stuff to fix either tire, tube and tubeless. i know, donk! right? didn't use a thing, but having it was smart. i had ordered rain gear but it didn't get here till hours after i left. anti fog wipes would have been awesome. rode in a gringo S helmet with proprietary bubbles. no complaints there. gotta upgrade to chain final drive before my next big ride. changing a belt is a ton of work, but a chain is 1 master link. gotta sort out my tires too. going tubeless in front is the plan. more lights. might do something with the back brake. saddle bags are gonna happen. big bikes and long trips rule. i'm just all about 2 wheelers. bmx, or hayabusa, i don't care. soon i hope to be able to stick the citta in a saddlebag and do some moped rallies via harley.

when i got home i sat on the porch an unpacked very slowly. then i hopped on my moped and went and got a beer. (edited)

Re: big harley ride

Dynas are the shit, my grandfather still rides his to work everyday and has ridden to sturgis a few times on it. He has it built to hell, had to switch to chain drive since he was ripping those Kevlar belts in half like once every two weeks.

I agree that Harley's are just as easy as mopeds. I worked in a Harley shop from age 14-18 and the biggest difference between Harley's and mopeds is that Harley's cost a hell of a lot more.

Re: big harley ride

nick, this is mostly true, but i do very, very alright on ebay and stuff. those harley parts were a lot of money, until that one little spot where the chrome flaked off, or that 1 little scratch, or rust spot. then it's right down to moped money. rust and scratches are my best friends! i'd never be able to afford any of this in pristine condition.

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Your popping out the exhaust is either a lean condition and or exhaust leak. Most peeps are too cheep to install new crush gaskets when they R&R an exhaust. The exhaust has been removed at one point or it wouldn't be loud as they dont come that way from the factory.

Also, new stock parts known as take offs can be had cheap from peeps that have upgraded to aftermarket or performance parts. They do surface from time to time. (edited)

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it's not popping, it's more of a roar. i put the pipes on, i had new gaskets, but the old ones were fine. short straight pipes that came with no baffles make all kinds of fun sounds. i know exactly what you're talking about tho. my buddies bike would do this perfect "pop - pop!" backfire whenever he let off the gas. mine was tuned by pros, and i'll be the first to say that doesn't mean shit, but they did a pretty good job this time. it ran flawlessly through all types of elevation and weather.. spark plugs look perfect and i haven't changed them once in the almost a year that i've had the bike.

planning the next trip already. georgia, to maine, to michigan, back down through tennese, and georgia. probably shoot for april or may....

Re: big harley ride

Yea, I loved following your adventure via photos, pretty cool trip. Maine/New england is great rides for sure, cutting across vermont is real fun.

Of all the shit i've ridden though my favorite was the piedmonts and cow lands riding along the cumberlands/appalachian valleys right on the west virginia/virginia border. i dunno, that section caught me and stuck with me more than all the "traditional" great rides: like we did N. GA all the time, and blue ridge and the dragon, nantahela and george washington and all that, but just the little roads around cumberland gap up the KY/WVA/VA border were the best

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