Re: e-cigarettes

i was thinking of buying a bunch of them before they got completely banned but decided not to. Some of mixtures made by the less popular companies are deadly in even small amounts.

Re: e-cigarettes

An old guys advice, don't smoke anything but weed, preferably grown by someone you know. This from a 20+ yr cig smoker, quit, but still crave them daily, but only in the morning. Starting smoking was in the top five dumbest things I have ever done, and the list of dumb things I have done is longer than I'm tall. Don't even vape weed, even the stuff medically approved is questionable. Burn the flower, or nothing.

Re: e-cigarettes

People who would never think of lighting up a cigarette in front of you without asking don't hesitate to fire these things up. They are harmless, right?

I'd like to whip out my dick and start jerking off in front of them. It's harmless, right?

Re: e-cigarettes

I quit smoking 2 months ago.smoked from 14-30. Today, I am off all of my meds. After a week BOOM. Blood pressure dropped to normal. Another week and my gerd went away.

As another side effect my metabolism went nuts and I'm dropping weight like crazy.

Ohh and I can breathe and don't puke from hacking in the morning.

Re: e-cigarettes

i have been on the vapes since '13. i went back to cigs for lie a year somewhere in there and still sneak a few here and there. my lungs function better on vapes. i test this by riding bicycles as fast as i can. vapes are cheaper, and if you use them correctly, they are way less bad for you than cigs. this is my opinion based on my own personal experience. pretty much everything in an e cig is water soluble. there are some artificial flavorings that creep me out, but the amount u actually ingest is minuscule. when people hurt themselves misusing vapes, the news likes to go ape shit, but it's the news, that's what they do.

i am starting to want to quit vapes even. just stop nicotine altogether. i'm gonna do a solo camping trip or something. strand myself in the woods. after a week or so, i'll at least be used to the withdrawl...

as for the ban, i hope they don't. cotton candy bananna vodka is still ok. they still got strawberry condoms and shit. but they love banning shit. i hope they don't ban kratom! i have seen e cig flavors that taste bad on purpose. like monkey fart and crab cakes. this is a functional thing, it helps you quit! it tastes like shit, so you only hit it when ur really jonzzzin. my mom helped me quit sucking my thumb as a little boy with this terrible tasting stuff she'd paint on there. i still remember waking up at night after an attempted "sleep suck." god damn that shit was awful! but it did the trick, i stopped sucking my thumb...and switched right over to suckin on ciggies!!!

nah, it took a few years. there was a good while where i didn't suck at all...

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