R.I.P. Beau Tobin

Rebuilt an MO2 so I KNOW he was a great guy. Erik, his friend, received his moped and told us of his passing.

He was a Minnesotan Mopeder.


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Sad. I wondered where he went all of a sudden.

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Re: R.I.P. Beau Tobin


Re: R.I.P. Beau Tobin

Jimmy Cincinnati /

Sorry to hear

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RIP Beau

His last post was kinda fitting in a odd ominous way.


keep on brappin', my man.


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didn't know the gentleman.

sounds like that's my loss.


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He looked strong. What caused his death?

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Erik didn't say and I didn't want to pry.

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Wow thanks for the love guys, yes Beau was my main moped buddy the who lived closest to me and would wrench on mopeds. About ten years ago he had a Pacer we rode the piss outta that thing he kitted it and it was even more fun. Fast forward ten years was telling another friend of ours I liked how Beau had a moped and I wanna get one myself, now 5 mopeds in I am hooked I give it to Beau for getting me into the hobby. Recently he wanted to get another moped seeing how much I was getting into it all, we found a 50$ malaguti and begin to rebuild it. We got it to run with a 60 cc polini and it rips. Got the news one sad afternoon his mother called said they found him dead in his apartment worst phone call I've received in awhile. His family said I could have the moped since I've helped many nights wrenching on this beast. My plans are to finish out the moped in Beaus name and how we had discussed so many nights. It's forsure out of the box for me as a Puch guy but I'll give it my all and get it ripping again. Thanks all again for the support in this community much love for all! Still unsure of the passing waiting a toxicology report at this time....

Here's Beau's old Pacer

Beau's fb show his family some love


And a link to his older profile

https://www.mopedarmy.com/riders/wannabe/ (edited)

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