Yamaha 180 Riva, anyone ever have/ride one?

Stephen Keller /
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Have a line on one, I know about the auto-choke issue, read the google info, just never seen one irl, let alone ridden one, looks nice runs, titled all the good stuff, so before contacting seller, I decided to go up to the license testing center as they used to have manuals for getting my MC licence, I used to have the enforcement, 30 yrs ago got dui's, got DL back assumed MC endorsement came back with it, turns out no...anyway testing station had lines out the door, no manuals avail no one to talk to about getting my instruction permit, (again) stupid me, so much as I want this bike I wonder if it is worth it trying to get my endorsement back? When I got my endorsement back in '90's it was easy, went to station, got rule book read it, got instruction permit, (good for a year) no night riding, no passengers, make appointment, take road test, pay your money, boom you can ride a motorcycle. Now, station has lines out the door, no one giving info, no manuals on the rack, not even sure if you can take the test at this station anymore....what a f-ing hassle! Another thing that has changed according to web-site with an instructional permit, you now have to wear a helmet! You did not used to have to if over 18! Ughhh, a good Helmet will cost almost as much as the bike! I hate most MC Helmets, but if I have to buy one will get a Battlescar Icon, but damn... I wonder if it is worth it to step up to MC class on ones license? Maybe wait until Sept if the bike does not sell, insure it, risk the ride home, put it up, get instructional permit in winter, schedule road test in spring? Worst ticket I would get is riding without an endorsement, if bike is insured, it would not get towed, but I think I could make it? It should not be this hard to upgrade one's license! I talked with an employee at the station, he said we are over run with people A trying to get DL back after DUI and B, immigrants trying to get a liscence at all, all of which has overwhelmed the system. The world sure has changed in the last 20 ys or so...so is this bike worth the bullshit?

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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