Pickle season!

It's our first summer on the farm so our garden was a bit lack luster this year ( poor soil- it was a part of the yard before this) and we got things in late. Regardless the cukes hit their stride last week and have been piling up.

Nice way to spend a Saturday morning in late August!


Son 2 got grandpa's name for his middle name, this is grandpa's famous bread and butter pickle recipe.


Sorry little dude, you are Czech, Polish German and English, if you don't like pickles you won't make it in this family.


Bloody Mary optional but highly recommend. Venison is for shish kebobs later.

Fatta' the land, George, fatta the land...

Re: Pickle season!

^ looks awesome!

Re: Pickle season!

Handsome lil feller, and you're teaching him about farming a garden....KUDOS!

Re: Pickle season!

Overpriced Parts /

Looks good ! That’s some good teaching/parenting,

Loved to can stuff with my mother and grandmother as a kid, the more skills learned as a child the better,

Re: Pickle season!

Years ago, when I worked the taxable aisle in Henry's Super Market...….big place for Jackson and outsold Kroger's for years...….you wouldn't believe the Ball and Kerr glass jar units for canning we sold.

It's good practice to grow our own food.

Re: Pickle season!

So whens dinner? I might be a bit late since your a little out of my way.

Re: Pickle season!

That's cute Graham. He looks like he's ready to show you a thing or two. Haha.

I have fond memories of granny and my parents canning in the fall. Haven't done it myself yet. Need to dig out the old pressure cooker sometime. Love sweet pickles. (edited)

Re: Pickle season!

I do have some good memory of canning tomatoes, preserves and working the garden with my mother. My dad it was always car stuff.

Re: Pickle season!

SO excellent... well done

(I see a couple of tenderloins in that last pic as well)

Just waiting for the beans here to get big enough to make mustard beans and cauliflower with pearl onions (also in mustard brine)

YUMMY = all pickles :)

Re: Pickle season!

I did not manage to grow anything this year. kinda crazy how barren my garden is. couple little things made it to like an inch high pair of leaves and have stayed that way all year, neither growing nor dying. not even the weeds have taken off.

pickling is rad tho, looks fun.

we used to do CSA boxes, you often got a lot more of some things than you could deal with cuz that's the nature of farming, stuff doesn't grow to fit your emands, it grows when it does, and in brief abundance. a month you've got more than you can handle and next you're a year away from having more. so we pickled a buncha that stuff. beets. and peppers.hot peppers, yeaaaah. those look good. Took a whack at kimchi too, that's a fun project

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yeah we got 10 little acres out here, we're not going full prepper or anything crazy but its definitely nice to know that we can make our own food if we have to.

the garden this year was kind of a bummer, it was just part of the yard this spring and i got it in late because of all the wet weather we had. the tomatos are coming in strong but cukes didn't do as well as they usually do. everything is choked with crabgrass and i didn't do a great job of staking up my tomatos so we are loosing a lot of them to ground bugs right now.

i have been doing a lot of reading and learning about soil microecology and stuff, got a lot to learn, we aren't trying to do full blown organic but we aren't using any chemical fertilizers or pesticide. our old garden in milwaukee had been continuously gardened since the early 70's and the soil was absolutely amazing. didn't need any fertilizer and grew the craziest plants. starting from scratch i've got a lot to learn.

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Love this series, extremely beneficial knowledge and well written


Re: Pickle season!

yeah i got this one from the library, just to get started



i bought a heavy duty john deere garden tractor (1977 model 300) that has a tiller but i couldn't get it working in time to plant the garden, part of the reason it was delayed... I borrowed my neighbors hand held tiller but it didn't to a great job of breaking the sod and a nearby tree had a ton of shallow roots that messed me up.

my plan for now is to till aggressively in the fall and really break the sod, then pile all my mulched leaves on there, or at least a good 2-3 inch cover. I still have to do some resarch because i learned oak leaves might have toxic tannins in them? Also we have a bunch of turkey-poop-mixed-straw... either way come spring i'll cover it with plastic and let the weed seeds germinate in early spring and lightly cultivate it come planting time.

hopefully 2-3 years of that regimen will get things rolling.

Re: Pickle season!

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Graham if you go hunting you get rid of the carcasses by grinding them up and adding them as organic fertilizer plants love animals fish meal bone meal all that good stuff basically you want to get your soil to the point where it's popping up mushrooms without anything in it then you'll have a microbiotic fungus that lives in the soil that will make anything you grow fucking 10 times better and that comes from Generations a farming experience

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