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There are systemic flaws that are inherent in any system for instance once you reach this big bureaucratic level there is no independent thought I mean as a person you know what's right and wrong but when you reach this level of Barack Chrissy it gets thrown all out the window did that type O is so good I am just going to leave it it would have been better if it said Christy

But what's really going on is that it puts blinders on your own Humanity I mean what's happening to me is a classic example of Barack your C gone out of control I mean I went out of my way to do my civic duty and act as a first responder and save somebody's life in doing so I injured myself and it cost $4,000 in medical bills I lost a $2,000 bike the insurance company after responding to a complaint 2 years later refunded me the full value price of the policy which was to Grand and they told me it was for pain and suffering and it was not a settlement because when I do get a settlement I could pay them off and everything's hunky-dory like if Mazda response to my complaint and I win my suit I just paid them the two grand and I never settled but I am non-responsive to normal pain management as a result I was one of the first people with a medical marijuana license in Pennsylvania I had it before the dispensaries opened it was medically necessary after a bypass regular opioids do nothing well it would take 60 of them to equal 1 and I can get an effect where it last four minutes if it goes straight to my brain anyways I took the two grand and I spent it on pain management because they told me the settlement was for pain and suffering I have all the receipts and after Medicare got wind that I received the check they wanted all $2,000 of it they stated that my moped insurance paid off and they wanted all their medical bills that they've paid back and they're going to attach my disability for the two grand I've been going through my congressman I've talked to my representative about this I informed them that it's all hinging on this complaint I've requested the status of the complaint and I'm still waiting they told me 10 business days it's been 11 but you know I explained everything three times when I disputed it and I even told him if you attach my wages then I am going to go straight to a news agency and shout it from the highest freaking yardarm that do not do any kind of heroic deed or anything else don't do your civic duty just watch people die because if you go to help it's all on you you get hurt you have to pay for it so if there's ever a chance that you're going to get hurt doing a good deed don't ever do it

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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