Croc in Preble County,Ohio creek!

A 170 lb. CROCODILE in the creek? I used to live in that county in the 60s.

Re: Croc in Preble County,Ohio creek!

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In the late 80s early 90s somebody supposedly let a bunch of piranhas loose in the lake by where I live, local kid caught a pretty large one 8-9 years ago,

The temperatures are mild sometimes here in the winter months, sometimes the lake doesn’t freeze over plus there’s people who have underwater lights by their docks and there’s other things to keep the water warm in the colder months so even cold blooded tropical animals can still survive if they find a place that’s halfway warm,

Many Cold blooded animals like alligators and snapping turtles survive cold by going into kind of a state of suspended animation,

I found out that the hard way when I picked up a large female snapping turtle that was basically encased in slush in the shallow water in the swamp area by my house in early March one year thinking it was dead and I put it in a box and brought it in the house,

I was going to gut it out it for its nice shell but a few hrs in the warm downstairs wash tub by the furnace it came to and it wasn’t very happy!

I kept it in there till the following day it was about upper 40s low 50s outside then I put it back where it was,

Later that year in summer the same turtle in the same place crossed the field and laid and kinda buried a bunch of eggs in where landscapers were digging to replace mulch so we placed signs all around the area not to disturb and later on in early September we saw several cute looking perfectly formed baby turtles coming out

We helped/picked up a few of them get over to the swamp, the rest were eaten by buzzards, Hawks or snakes and a few were run over by cars because they went the wrong way but several made it back to the water,

These prehistoric lookin creatures always find a way to survive

Re: Croc in Preble County,Ohio creek!

^ They pre-date us, and will out live us. Good on you for saving and helping.

Re: Croc in Preble County,Ohio creek!

Bet theres more.

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