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you can't run tubeless tire on spoke wheels, right?

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You’d have to buy one of the many “conversion kits” first, or find a way to seal the rim........ otherwise as it’s sits, no you can’t run tubeless on a spoke rim

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Are there ridges on the inside of said tire like this? If there is NOT then you can run a tube inside the tubeless tire on a spoked rim.



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yea you can do it, I dunno about this ribbed inside thing ^ tho.

Basically you can either make it all sealed, which is tough if theres any rust in there, but you get some fancy tape made for converting spokes to tubeless and you gotta tape over all the spokes or else those are all leaks. Then you gotta get a tubeless valve so it doesn't leak there either. They sell it all in kits, but you gotta be pretty meticulous about it to get it to work right. you can also seal it with like silicone and stuff. Or have a shop do it. I'd probably goop it full of shit and go for it. Worst part for me was seating the bead cuz I didn't have a powerful air compressor. you gotta punch a buncha air in the first time to get it to seat. I always wound up taking my tubeless tires to a shop, theyre super shitty to wrestle on and I only ever managed to inflate a few by myself seating em with like the lighter trick.

OR you just shove a tube in a tubeless tire. they're a bitch to wrestle on, but it works same as ever. and tubes you can fill up wih a bike pump a lot more easily. you lose the ability to plug it tho, like best part of a tubeless is you can fix a puncture flat with the lil plugs in like 5 minutes.

Or you get a tubeless wheel. but that's $$$

they also got like foam tubes for motocross stuff, which never go flat but I guess they do kinda wear out after a while and theyre more expensive.

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> Born to be WillD Wrote:

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> yea you can do it, I dunno about this ribbed inside thing ^ tho.

The ribs will cause friction and rub holes in a tube given time.

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Brad William /

I just got this in the mailbox yesterday.

https://www.mgchemicals.com/products/adhesives/threadlockers/high-strength-wicking-8704 ... for the spoke nipples.

Got some tubeless rim stems at the auto parts store.

And a pair of 17x2.50 Avon Roadriders.

I plan to go tubeless this winter. I'll do a thread when I get to it. I've been doing a lot of reading online about this in various forums. I'm pretty optimistic.

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I believe that they are ribbed for her pleasure...

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