R.I.P King of Random

Apparently due to a paragliding accident...guy introduced alot of kids to science and tinkering n' such.

I was never a fan, but man...guy had a growing family. Blows

Hasn't been a good year for technical YouTubers. (edited)

Re: R.I.P King of Random

ephraim zimbalist jr /

he flew high and fast but the ride didnt last...seemed like a good dude

Re: R.I.P King of Random

Blaine- The artist formerly known as Plumber Crack "(OFMC)" /

He posted a lot of interesting stuff. Very sad to here at his age.

Unlike this kind of crap with over 2million views in an hour.

Re: R.I.P King of Random

huh i'll have to look that up, i don't do much you tubing bt there are a few things on there i like to watch when i think to do it.

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