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> Born to be WillD Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I do think of how it affects the riders

> and their style, I mean for one it's a huge weight difference, very

> different power curve, and no shifting that's massive both in terms of

> how you accelerate and the skill the goes into finessing of clutch

> control, and also engine braking, the experience that lets people know

> how or where to keep rpm through a turn to blast back out the other

> side, all that's way different on an electric. But then maybe more of

> the racing is knowing the right lines to take, how hard to lean and

> where to pass, and then all that stays pretty similar? I don't race,

> clearly.

this is actually the coolest part. Modern moto2 and motoGP bikes are so crazy teched out with electronics from quick shifters, TC, wheelie control, lean angle control, auto blip downshifts that a lot of the finesse is gone- you just hold the throttle wide open all the time and crush your brakes as hard as you want. It's all about 2 things now, which factory team has spent the most money for the longest sustained period of time and on the rider level it's race craft (line selection, drafting strategy, tire usage strategy). The bikes make so much power, specifically the Ducati, they don't even care about aerodynamics for top speed- they can brute force 200+ mph even with huge winglets. Makes for dull racing.

MotoE is so new there isn't a formula to success yet. Ironically the riding style is actually closer to the old 2 strokes where it's about throttle and braking finesse along with race craft.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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