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electric bikes are cool. batteries are advancing still quite quickly, sure it's based on 1900s technology but it's come a HUGE way from there, even from 5 years ago especially battery and motor controller technology, just not even remotely comparable anymore. and man, they go really fast when built to do so. Imagine a battery powered bike from 1920 going 150mph. it didn't nor could it have happened.

I did not see the race but watched some past ones, it's no less exciting than the gas races, it's still people going obnoxiously fast within fractions of total annihilation. I do think of how it affects the riders and their style, I mean for one it's a huge weight difference, very different power curve, and no shifting that's massive both in terms of how you accelerate and the skill the goes into finessing of clutch control, and also engine braking, the experience that lets people know how or where to keep rpm through a turn to blast back out the other side, all that's way different on an electric. But then maybe more of the racing is knowing the right lines to take, how hard to lean and where to pass, and then all that stays pretty similar? I don't race, clearly.

I do understand some of the folks' reservations though, seeing what happened to 2 strokes as they were phased out of racing, that led to a pretty hard stop on any street bike developments, and it at some point EVs will be a replacement technology vs a complimentary technology. I'm not sad about it, but can see why folks fear EV's so hard.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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