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> Dave & Bummerzz Wrote:

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> that's a trail bike not a road race bike, Ken

But is the only two cycle bike being made and with correct gearing is very fast,

A broad Two-stroke power band on a manual shift bike it isn’t funny,

Yep having two years industrial electrical electronics school in the 70s with 45hp dc motors, Ward/Leonard system of motor control for almost every high-rise elevator, traction engines/locomotive motors with motor control

I can tell you that electric motors have great torque but don’t have that thrill of when the powerband kicks in on a tuned 2t bike (125cc and up) and all of a sudden in third gear your front end comes up for no reason at all,

DC electric vehicles is old technology rehashed from the 1900s it will never get us off this planet and 40% cost of a electric car is in the battery and producing EVs with rare earth Materials which in making them is so highly polluted

China being a big producer of rare earth materials had to move whole cities away from processing because it contaminated everything around them forever because so contaminated

And they use so much oil and pollution during the mining and production of rare earth materials you could own a 10 mpg car for 20 years and it will blow any EV vehicle away with the emissions, pollution and recycling not mention lives lost to cancer, same with nuclear power bullpucky!

The mining, processing, Long term storage and everything else contaminates, and uses it oil/fossil fuels producing fuel and long-term storage beyond belief!

Energy cannot be produced only changed from one form to another,

We need to have/develop a technology that will take us away from this earth and find new planet to destroy because we destroy and will continue destroyed with these dumb rehashed 1900ad transportation ideas,

Ya when you buy that battery powered electric vehicle just think about how many people died in China and how many towns were contaminated and how many more will be,

But it’s the same with any oil powered vehicles especially airplanes so someone wave the magic wand, and quick to find some other world to inhabit/pollute !

Yeah Dave I like you and your threads, I think you’re wise Beyond on your years sometimes, but you called me out and I took your bait and now have my reply ha ha!

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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