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Mixed martial arts.. .

no no listen up listen up the way of the foot it arose during my morning waking section after stretching zoning out ie smoking and meditating and smoking and smoking then when I was doing my tai chi Twan it's sort of like juggling it allows you 2 estimate time and distance and manipulate it. So I was thinking why not a moped martial art form I mean this last accident I was in probably would have killed me had I not had all of the training I did I mean seriously I blocked a Honda Nissan I got a way with just a broken wrist and then the second time I saved some dudes life in his SUV cuz he had the coronary now this third time I was going 35 and the guy cut into my breaking Zone and then didn't even make it all the way into the flow of traffic and block the bike lane I basically hit the corner of his vehicle with my knee and my fist and the only reason I really really got hurt was that I protected my bad eye socket and was expecting to roll but instead I either slid across or I flew up into the air and got flipped a whole bunch of times but I landed on the other side of my face instead of my shoulder to roll and got my head all banged up but that if it was a large bike someone would have died have been A- teen on a bicycle or on a moped I think you would have run them right over I mean this guy basically sucker punch me he gave me eye contact and I knew he saw me and he pulled out anyway and then the guy in front of him was going to turn so he hit his brakes and he didn't even get fully into the lane and he blocked the bicycle lane so it was either fire hydrant and a telephone pole a parked car or the corner of his I took the corner of his...

Had I done anything else other than hit him I would have been liable I mean even if I broke the fire hydrant if I hit the parked car I would have been responsible for damages but I have moped insurance for car accidents and there's a car you got to hit it don't freaking tensol up instead think sack of potato sack of potato sack of potatoes the beach in Maui the beach in Maui sack of potato sack of potato sack of potatoes end of lesson 1

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