Lee Lacocca R.I.P.

Probably Fred /


Definitely a car guy,

He was instrumental in the development of the Ford mustang and Dodge caravan

Re: Lee Lacocca R.I.P.

Andrew Squiggman /

Iacocca not Lacocca

Re: Lee Lacocca R.I.P.

Yeah,Ken,we wouldn't have owned our Mustangs if not for him. Possibly NO camaros either,since they copied the Mustang's style. Think about it, Chevy lovers.

My 05 Mustang convertible wouldn't have existed. A great retro of the originals.

Re: Lee Lacocca R.I.P.

Jimmy Cincinnati /

I had a 97 Mustang V6 5 speed years back. It was a great car.

RIP Lacocca!

Re: Lee Lacocca R.I.P.

Andrew Squiggman /


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