Monkey Donkey Cruiser

Josiah Radebaugh /

I know it's not true for the majority of cruiser riders... But. Just things like this that just put a bad name on others.

Yesterday, about 5:40.

A freind and I are riding back from The gas station and auto parts store on the East side of town (business part)

As we're pulling out I see two cruisers Turning down the street in the same direction as us.

I figured it was your usual, old guy and no helmet.

It wasn't until I started hear their, run of the mill big thumper pile of trash getting closer.

Keep getting closer. And at this time of day, the only way to get through traffic is.... Well you don't.

So that means they were lane splitting

Alright whatever happens all the time..

After sitting at a light for 10 seconds or so, we take off. Of course a little slow cause Im not going to ripp wide open to accelerate as fast as they want.

Now I'm on a Tomos Sprint with a 70cc kit and a pipe. Has the same acceleration as a new Honda Metropolitan (which my friend was on that day)

We're up to 22 pretty quick.... Thats when I hear those two wankers Ripppin past in the other lane at about 35..

Dang son! Not the first time I've been passed but the manner which it was done.....

Im mad at this point so I decide to ripper wide open..... Got up to 35 probably, stoped behind them..

They sorta glanced behind and looked to be boasting about their handy work among one another....

I'm sitting here angry. Deciding if I want to say something....

Light Turns Green They ripp off doing 35 again through down town.....

The guy closet to the right rides on to the sidewalk and off for a moment still ripping. Then they pass a car that was trying to turn into the lane almost hitting them..... Im not sure what all just happened in this whole minute or Wankeristic Foolery...

We pull off a half mile down and decided to file a police report on them hoping maybe they'll get em... Pitty I missed their plates..

The reason I think they did this is because they saw us pulling out way back on our tiny little bikes. And just decided to try and show us what a real bike is....

I really am tired of the misunderstanding and attitude surrounding small bikes...

What encounters have you had like this, or something similar? (edited)

Re: Monkey Donkey Cruiser

I get coffee every morning at the same place and it's a magnet for your usual harley/corvette owning retired and fat old white guy.

I'll put over there weather permitting but never interact with them because they all sound like theyre in high school with the gossip (theyre ALL in their late 60s, early 70s btw)

when i first moved up here one of them asked why dont i get a real bike instead of a little scoot.

glanced over and told 'em i got nothing to prove and my dick still works without pills

lol, they wont even look in my direction anymore

people just suck, fuck 'em

Re: Monkey Donkey Cruiser

Dirty30 Dillon /

General motorcycle owner attitudes run the gamut, I have met a bunch that are great and a LARGE amount that suck ass.

That said, stop worrying about what you think their motives are. For all we know, they are just shitty riders with shitty attitudes. I don't think filing a police report on any cocky motorcycle that passes you is a great way to manage your thoughts on their actions.

Re: Monkey Donkey Cruiser

Josiah Radebaugh /

Im not worried about it. That's just what I thought it was. The reason I filed a report was because they were on the sidewalk.... I don't care about being passed, happens all the time.

Re: Monkey Donkey Cruiser

don't be a nerd.

Re: Monkey Donkey Cruiser

> Josiah Radebaugh Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Im not worried about it. That's just what I thought it was. The reason I

> filed a report was because they were on the sidewalk.... I don't care

> about being passed, happens all the time.

C'mon, man. I use the sidewalk often to jump ahead or park in front of a place. I'll spin my pedals slowly so it looks like im just riding a bike.

Anyway, i always try not to be that guy.

Find your own personal zen in mopeding, just let the world move at its own pace and pay it no mind.

Be at peace with your limits and appreciate the things you'd otherwise fly right by.

Basically start smoking lots weed.

Re: Monkey Donkey Cruiser


Ok, so not 20 minutes ago Im cruising around town going with the flow of traffic when a light ahead has cars stopped about 6 or 7 deep.

As is the law that mopeds can ride in the bike lane, I scoot over and putt up to the front doing maybe, "MAYBE" four or five miles an hour.

Light turns, traffic starts moving, I get past the intersection, look behind me, use my hand signal and get in 5 or so feet behind an SUV doing 20-ish.

Cruising along and I can hear an engine behind me but def not a bike.

Look back and theres an old early 60s ford rat rod 3 feet from my ass end.

No middle fingers, no brake checks, I just ignored him and kept my pace with traffic.

1/2 mile up we hit another light and I scoot up to the light in the righthand bike lane.

Now the dude is PISSED.

Revving his engine, speeding up and flooring it as he passes me. stupid insecure asshole shit.

so hes in front of me for awhile and takes a left into the gas station and it just so happens I was going right next store.

As I pass, he turns and gives me one of those "come back and fight me bro" waves with his hands.

So I turned around...

Long ass story short, Im not a tough guy but when someone potentially puts your life in danger something inside our lizard brains snaps and I went full throated righteous biblical conflagration on his ass. Dude wouldnt even get out of the car.

Probably shoulda read my horoscope this morning


Re: Monkey Donkey Cruiser

Can't say I've ever had that with classic car owner/Harley guys, they all seem interested in my mopeds, the sport-bike guys ignore me, but that's quite alright! :) Regular traffic on the other hand, seems to despise mopeds, prob because there are not many around, and they don't know they are slow?

Re: Monkey Donkey Cruiser

> Stephen Keller Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Can't say I've ever had that with classic car owner/Harley guys, they

> all seem interested in my mopeds, the sport-bike guys ignore me, but

> that's quite alright! :) Regular traffic on the other hand, seems to

> despise mopeds, prob because there are not many around, and they don't

> know they are slow?

me either, which made it that much weirder

ive seen the car around and figured the dude would be chill but he was bullshit that I was, as he put it "weaving in an out of traffic" by using the fucking bike lane.

Re: Monkey Donkey Cruiser

I chalk it up to people's ignorance of what a moped is, is/is not capable of, and the laws that pertain to them. We can't use the bike lanes here, and even if we could I would not, nor will I lane split, no one in MN knows what a turn signal is, and I think they are driving from a camera on the front of the car playing on their phone screen, they just go wherever, whenever, it is scary, I just take my lane, even if I have to wait. Good news is Aug 1 we go hands free for the phones, it's a ticket if you are holding your phone and driving! :) :) :) I believe it to be a moving violation, so if you get 3 in a year you get your DL suspended for 30 days! Hopefully this will get people back to actually looking out their windshields again.

Re: Monkey Donkey Cruiser

Josiah Radebaugh /

Was just at a car and motocycle show a couple days ago... Some people think they're awesome and likem... Others were just talking about how they had them when they were a kid and talking stories of them being abused. One guy said his friend threw 3 bikes in a bon fire... Still ran he said. I usually try to ride when traffic Is low.

Re: Monkey Donkey Cruiser

People did abuse them, back when, '80 or so? The first moped I saw up close was my neighbors brand new red JC Penney Pinto, I was either 12 or 13...he offered to let me ride Dad would not let me...kid rode it for a summer, left it outside over the winter, when it would not start in the spring he and his friends got drunk, beat it to pieces with a bat and threw the pieces on the garage roof....I cried. Spoiled shit....I would have killed for that..and taken care of it too. The forks and the mangled front wheel stayed up there for 2 yrs until they were foreclosed on. Unbelievable.

Re: Monkey Donkey Cruiser

I've only had good experiences mostly with bikers. I had a flat years ago on my way to Ike's Ride(80 mile trip one way). Motorcycle rider went by going East, and I was headed west. He turned around and helped me put that new tube in there.

It's pretty laid back here in Southern Ohio.

Re: Monkey Donkey Cruiser

Harley bikers, (the real ones) not dentists with money and a AAA card, but guys who really ride, are super cool people, show them respect you get it back, ride at all, they are cool. A bit course, but will do anything to help, so long as you don't look down your nose at them. Sport-bike guys, NOT all, but many tend to be jocks who never grew up and have something to prove, but never had any real issues with them, too busy lane splitting, driving reckless to even see me.

The real danger is regular traffic, blind to all but their e-mail, twatter feed, face-book or wherever their "online persona" is besides going down the road. I hope our new law nets millions in fines from the screen people. :) I hope many lose their Dl and slow their roll a bit. Fingers crossed.

Re: Monkey Donkey Cruiser

Probably Fred /

All the bikers my me (Harley/cruisers, sport bikes, and I guess what you would call enduro/dual purpose/bmw bikes (though now those bikes are huge compared to enduro ones I had) whether they have they have money or not are very good and respectful to me when on my bikes or in car,

Re: Monkey Donkey Cruiser

I honestly think it is how you come of, both verbally and riding style, when 18 yo my vw bus threw its belt, it was close to soft seizing, I shut down and pulled over, while looking for my spare belt, which I realized was the one thrown, 8 Harley riders rolled up on me, asked what was up, patched outlaws! One said get on, and they rode me to a Napa, I bought a belt, they rode me back, the highway patrol was behind my van, prepping to tow it, I hopped off, those guys did not miss a beat, the cop asked if i was ok, were these guys bugging me! Told them the truth, they HELPED me, leave them be! Back-up came but the Outlaws rode away, told the cop to let them go, levered my belt on drove off. Highway patrol cop told me I should not associate with "people like that" I told him to go fuck himself, those "people" helped me out! Don't judge a book by its cover. Act like you wish to be treated, granted, the world is different today, but I will place my trust in any patched member of any Motorcycle gang. Stand up, act a man, they will treat you like a man.

Re: Monkey Donkey Cruiser

Every Harley rider in my area seems to be great people...I have never experienced anything other than basically "wow! I remember those!" Followed by 20 minutes of healthy banter..

Last year I pulled into a gas station only to have 5 Mongols pull up and invite me to chill. I didn't go but I felt nothing but respect...

Re: Monkey Donkey Cruiser

Most biker types around me are cool, or ignore me.

A while back I was riding my 57 Moto Beta with a 50cc morini three speed in Newport Beach. Not the fastest bike, but keeps up with traffic. Except for when traffic is doing 60+ in Newport Blvd.

Some ass in an SUV was tailgating me, like five feet behind, honking, and flashing his lights, and I was a little nervous on a 50 year old Italian death trap, when two patched bikers pulled up along side of him and scared him off my ass.

They passed me, thumbs up, and took off...

Re: Monkey Donkey Cruiser

A ` 57 Moto Beta with a 50cc morini three speed'...………………...NOW I AM jealous!

Re: Monkey Donkey Cruiser

This bike:


Re: Monkey Donkey Cruiser

Josiah Radebaugh /

I love the more cylindrical/round curvey trans-engine stuff...Love that tank!

Re: Monkey Donkey Cruiser

> baird co Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> This bike:

Can't help it...……….I'ma drooling! Wow!

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