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> Born to be WillD Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Two interesting takeaways:


> 1) We all instantly split on the pre-defined lines. to be honest, I read

> into Don's word choice "great" and "cared enough" as a slight but

> intentional backhanded attack suggesting most "kids these days" would've

> been either too busy on phones or otherwise not cared enough to stop and

> catch the falling kiddo. did he mean that? maybe not - but I saw it,

> through my biased interpretation. Also the fact that it's fox news I

> took as an attack suggesting the "liberal media" wouldn't cover "good"

> stories like this (they did and also shouldn't have). But I decided not

> to comment before to see how it would shake out and there have been no

> surprises. at this point we're completely conditioned to find a

> disagreement no matter the content, or to create one with something as

> simple as implied bias through word choices


> and 2) This isn't news. or rather the news isn't that this happened, but

> rather that it was caught on video and went viral. That in itself is a

> pretty interesting revlation of this post - just how much other people's

> tiny attention spans dictate what we're exposed to- our collective

> longing for feel-good quick clips of infotainment are seen as more

> important and certainly more read and known news than say - an entire

> regional government getting brutally overthrown in Ethiopia

Very well summarized Will, you write like an attorney, but see, there is logic to that, and that ability is what has left first, political discourse, and now civil discourse, and the ability to LISTEN and compare what one hear's to what you think and maybe see a side that you hadn't considered is lacking today, everything is knee-jerk, the "other" side is out to kill our country etc etc, et al. To one as old as myself, this is unsettling, as these debates are nothing new, but the level of vehemence is off the charts. The willingness to compromise, seems to have been lost, it is all or nothing..."my side" or nothing, that is how 5yo think/act, not educated people. Educated people accept that there are views that they may not subscribe to, that matter very much to others, as much as the person judging views matter to them, and, AND that that is ok, talk it out, with a civil tongue in your heads, that is what used to happen, where did that go?

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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