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I am designing a moped website that will be up soon. It will probably be designed using html 5 but ill be open to other formats if necessary. It wont compete with moped army. It will mostly be a repair instruction and part sourcing website. I have some confidential ideas too to make it great. I'm looking for some designers and even people without skills to help me. Let me know if your interested.

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This should be in general discussion. I doubt dumdum or the other Ohioans here in OT are of much help.

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Dirty30 Dillon /

Interested to know where the repair instructions are going to come from, and what you will have to offer in terms of parts sourcing that can't be handled by the pros at Dos Cycles.

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Couple things that will make finding help easier:

1. Designing ≠ developing so it's not clear what you need help with. Web design as a term for website creation is pretty out of date. That references a time in the late 90's/early 2000's when developers were called web masters and designed, developed, and maintained websites. Now these responsibilities are broken out among whole teams.

3. front end web coding language is html. html 5 is just the most recently recognized standard of that language. There are a number of other languages used in conjunction with html on the front end and a few different languages used to create the back end structure.

What it seems like you need just based on the lack of knowledge is a "full stack" web developer, meaning someone who can do the front and back end of the site you want.

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The repair instructions would be mostly videos and the videos would be a lot easier to find than on other websites. If you want to make some videos, It would be great. I also need inventory people. Dos doesn't have their full inventory posted. I contacted them recently to ask for them to list parts and they were quick. Dos also generally doesn't do custom work. They would send you a part and tell you to drill a hole if it doesn't fit. Or they would tell you to do a hack and weld if you want the best performance. I like their free shipping though. I am also going to experiment with making interactive schematics. I really don't have the time to do everything myself.

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I already have a back end person and a virtual server. I just need someone to make html pages and submit them to me. I'm also looking for someone that has experience with shopping carts although I also have a spreadsheet design where a shopping cart isn't needed. I have been designing webpages for years and I hate using programs like Dreamweaver because they add too much unnecessary junk in the coding.

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lot to unpack here

no one has used dreamweaver professionally, like... ever and certainly not now. That's a wildly outdated way to do front end web developing.

By creating HTML pages does that mean you are providing wireframes or comps and this person would be developing against that or you want them to do all the IA, UX, and visual design too? it's not clear what you're looking for.

At this point with so many ecomm service APIs no one makes shopping experiences from scratch anymore because it's a pointless waste of time. Shopify does all of that better than anything you will ever make.

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Thanks for the shopify idea. My friends recommended that too. As you already observed I graduated college before 2010 so I'm not current on all that new terminology with comps and ia and ux. I mostly am looking for some help on data input on all the different manufacturers, models and parts.

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