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Cincinnati is actually pretty rad. my brother just moved there. it's a fun town, it's older and hasa real city feel. moreso than Cleveland and Columbus, it's got a good central usable downtown. I actually really like Cincinnati as a city. Columbus is definitely pretty great too, columbus is probably best from a progressive and goring standpoint, there's actually people in Columbus who aren't originally from Columbus - if that makes sense. Cleveland is like entirely people from Cleveland. people don't move to here, they just don't move away. folks in Cleveland love Cleveland, not many other folksdo. that said, the lake's awesome, theres tons of good shit, amazing parks and some of the best museums and cultural institutions anywhere (Cleveland orchestra #1 in the world!)

To the original post, I think soccer's pretty fun, The first time Atlanta sold out the new stadium was fr ATL United. Still I'm with Johnny on this. I hated being in school and paying these add-on tuition bonus fees, because "times were tough" or whatever, and at the same time theyre building an indoor training facility fo the football team that cost a few million, and only served like 30 students?

But there's an argument that's valid that it earns a sort of legitimacy, that a lot of people care about sports, and it brings in money in ways other than the direct revenue of the events themselves. for GA Tech, a lotta students, and rankings, advertising, recognition etc also come from having a successful set of sports franchises. For the city of Cincinnati to grow, people need to consider it, and think about whether its' a valid place for their businesses, or to move to, or even just get over the incorrect misconception that "Cincinatti *sic is a shit hole, Ohio in general has nothing to offer the rest of the country except for a 14th century outlook on society." and somehow, for alotta people, sports teams give that recognition and a mark on their resume, as it were

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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