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> Daniel '' Wrote:

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> Cincinatti is a shit hole, Ohio in general has nothing to offer the rest

> of the country except for a 14th century outlook on society.

So how much of the the 44,824 sq mi of Ohio did you visit?

And how many people did you interview ?

Did you go to NASA Glenn research center in Cleveland ? I don’t think they have a 14th century outlook on society

Guess you never got anywhere near where I live! Paradise for cheap, pretty much the best weather in the state (kinda a micro climate) other than three months of cold weather it would be like between LA and San Fran California weather, Diverse and progressive population,

I couldn't even rent a room in LA or San Fran California for what I get a whole house and all this for


I worked in every county in OH plus did out of state work all the way to Kansas city on the Kansas side plus drove a truck for a while

So I got 35 years and hundreds of cities, towns, people experience personally from work alone not to mention trips, vacations in many states, city’s and towns, not from the Internet or a phone in my face,

What do you got? or know? I can tell ya,

You got and know the Internet, ya maybe you went to one bad part of Cincinnati and had a bad experience but I did work in that town and went to Kings Island there four times and never had a problem!

Ya there’s problems with every big city in every state including where are you live and sometimes you got a drive through a seedy area of a town/city

We had friends and relatives in Pasadena ca and when the wife and I got married we’re going to go there and make a go of it out there as union carpenter Floor layer

But raising a family of five in a house (on 65 grand wage there now) and then when retiring It would be hard to afford more then a tent on the side of the road nowadays,

So glad we chose to stay in west oh burbs then move out here 27 years ago when kids were little and there was only 900 homes as well as two theme parks (now closed though:( ,

There is thousands more homes in the area but not here in protected area so it should will stay the same for generations to come,

So many people and places in suburbs of Cleveland, Akron, Columbus, Youngstown, Dayton, are very good like Lakewood oh and Kent Ohio (where my daughter lives) which are progressive and nice,

There’s even a section of Cleveland called the Gold Coast that has huge mansions in it on the lake pretty much near where I lived growing up,

Nowhere that I lived in OH all my life including Cleveland did we have to lock the car (if in the drive) or lock house doors and never got burglarized/robbed,

We do lock up cars and house and have alarms most times too but more than once I left a moped or two in the driveway all night long or my wife left purse in a unlocked mini van all night long and they were still there.

I even forgot and left my magnum XK idling for about an hour and a half in driveway one evening when I went in to grab something but dinner was being served early so I ate it and fell asleep in the easy chair it was still there idling away,

Yeah Ohio is such a 14th century shit hole !

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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