Lest we forget

Thank you to those who gave all.


Re: Lest we forget

Amen brother !

The Fight is not over with but good will overcome evil,

Re: Lest we forget

I honor veterans but hate war and the glorifying of war itself. Mankind should strive to end war.

Re: Lest we forget

Thank you indeed, it takes guts to face death on orders, more than I have. We owe our amazing lifestyle and freedom to those who paid the ultimate price. Look around at all you have, and thank those who perished for an idea, and for those of us they will never know.

Re: Lest we forget

Yup happy memorial day !

Just polished off this barbecue plate of grass fed cheeseburger, chicken sausage, barbecued corn, peppers/zucchini vegetables, Redskin potatoes and pineapple


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