Foot peg solutions

Chris Carleton /

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Re: Foot peg solutions

Chris Carleton /

My solution it feels good. Im going to change pegs these are cheepy looking to me.



Re: Foot peg solutions

Turned out great! How’s about some with Hondah on it? ur welcome to it, they been here so long I’ve moved them around at least a mile;)


Re: Foot peg solutions

Chris Carleton /

Yup ill take them please? Paypal?

Re: Foot peg solutions

Right oN, they are solid and snap up tight. I scrubbed them up with simple green, cleared some the crud off. They may have come from a dealer. ?



Good deal, I’ll send u a pm

Re: Foot peg solutions

You are asking to get your calf chewed up with that footpeg position.

Re: Foot peg solutions

I just pick up pegs from all sorts of odd old shit, theyre basically free at swap meets. often times they are free if you buy something else and ask em to throw in some footpegs.

I'vew had ones like you pic'd and over time either the tab that hold them up or the tab that they fold into got wrecked, they're not good for any weight, just footrests. but you can't stand on em, shich I like to do sometimes

I dunno I though I had a better shot of these. they still folded but would take a lot of weight

Re: Foot peg solutions

Captain Janeway /



Before you all jump, yes I know if I crash I chop my legs up, etc.

Anyway, I can screw in any set of pedals or just throw back on the original Urban footpegs. These were just different.

Another MA guy sent me a pair of the screw in mounts for the pedals.

Re: Foot peg solutions

pegging- WFFF go join a scooter forum ya quitters!

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