legal restrictions on medical marijuana in PA

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Even though I was in a car crash End have neurological damage they cannot get my pain under control at the hospital I am genetically resistant to opioids I just happened to be that one in a quarter of a million that opioids do not work on if it a hit my liver before my brain even in the best-case scenario they affect me for 4 and 1/2 minutes until they hit my liver if they give it to me right to my brain which they never will I was one of the last people in Pennsylvania that was on the Marinol program I was referred to it in 1995 and a closed right then during a recent heart attack they had to put me on Marinol because when they remove the ventilator and chest tubes they realize the fentanyl wasn't working I went into shock as a result I have one of the lowest medical marijuana patient ID numbers it comes right after the cancer kids now after being in this car accident even though all of this is on my record they will not give me Marinol at the hospital due to Federal Regulations even though I have car insurance even though my medical bills are supposedly covered I have found that no none of my pain management is covered and it's all out of pocket they refused to prescribed me Marinol cuz I do not have terminal cancer nor did I go through chemo and feel like I'm going to throw up they are the only two purposes for Marinol in the federal guidelines as a result any Hospital that has dealings with the federal government IE Medicare they will not not permit you to use your own medical marijuana even if you paid for it on Hospital property under any circumstance when i m in mitad to the AR admitted to the ER rather they immediately confiscate my medical THC oral syringe with the documentation with my medical card with the original package and they will lock it in a safe and not let me access it they will then force me or rather compel me although in legal terms it would be considered duress to accept oral opioids then intervene has opioids before they'll give me a very very small dose of Marinol it took 2 days before they gave me less than adequate pain management of any sort my pain management doctor the hospital social worker my Pennsylvania caseworker all basically won't get back to me the earliest pain management will see me is the 24th and the soonest neurology will see me is this Thursday right now I'm waiting to have a heart attack I'm trying to put it off until I know they can use Marinol again otherwise I'm going to go into shock and die on the table and God only knows my for previous surgeries I died on the operating table after the anesthesia wore off because of inadequate pain management this last time when they pulled the chest tube I disassociated I actually was watching what was going on and not really there so anyways the neurologic the cranial bleed is causing me to feel like I'm in a down elevator and it's going down really fast on top of that I have this feeling a deep Primal feeling that there's like a cobra in my room I seen it but I can't find it I hear it but I can't see it anywhere it's like if I lived in India and it was daytime I know for a fact that the snakes aren't inside but I still feel like there's one here it's sort of like feeling like you're being watched buy a predator as a result I think I'm going off the f****** deep end I made peace with everything and everybody I freaking are. All my skeletons there'll be implications that are just going to unfold that you're not going to believe you will read it in the news I filed complaints I freaking dished all the dirt that I have on my local government about cover-ups and legal malfeasance and it will be on a national stage I hope the lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania is really sympathetic because I sent him a long letter

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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