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thank you all.

two totally different generations never saw eye to eye. still she was mom. last of 15 siblings.

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Here's my boy Sylvester. I rescued him over 3 months ago. The first pic is just before I brought him home. He looks like a different cat.


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Bas Autowas /

Nice job saving him! He looks much better now!

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My little asshole. She will be 11 this year.


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^She’s a good looking girl, she’s got those tortoise colors.

This was our girl Emily, she lived to be 20.


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I think you're cat got Into someone's stash of lysergic acid diethylamide

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You probably think the same thing about Tiny, one of my other cats.


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Coco Chanel, in her signature little black dress, tells me she adores the Nitrinos cat ear helmet.

“A girl should be two things:

Classy and fabulous.”

- Coco Chanel

Done and done.


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My princess is always getting her way


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She likes the winter. The heater keeps her happy


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Supervising me....


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punkrock randy /

Mine constantly supervises, but he isn’t mechanically inclined in the least.


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Be careful, I had one that would take off with nuts and bolts, washers and the like and hide them....

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My cat is inspecting my cylinder work.


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Found this little guy screaming in the bushes a week ago.

Raddest little kitten. Totally fearless. Didn't even flinch when the neighborhood was blowing up fireworks.

Still haven't named him. I always wait to see what their personality is like.


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He looks to be a good lil’ buddy. Nice of you. (edited)

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> baird co Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Found this little guy screaming in the bushes a week ago.


> Raddest little kitten. Totally fearless. Didn't even flinch when the

> neighborhood was blowing up fireworks.


> Still haven't named him. I always wait to see what their personality is

> like.

Awesome! :)

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Anyone's cat like to play fight with you? Mine LIVES for it?!? I have bought all kinds of toys, he gets bored of all in like 10 minutes, but he LOVES to brawl, will flip on his back grab my hand, thump me with hind feet and chew on me with teeth, never breaks skin but goes hard, he could hurt me and has if I get him too riled up but always lets go as soon as you say Ow! Maybe taught by po? (he was a rescue, so I don't know his background) All I know is he was impounded by the animal control unit in Golden Valley MN taken to a rescue vet in Elk River which is where a friend turned me on to him a few months after my first cat expired. He is pretty mellow most of the time, but loves a good play fight! Does not try this with guests, so I don't worry about it, but never seen other cats do this, dogs yes, most of them live for it, but this is only my second cat, so...any thoughts?

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Bas Autowas /

I think it has to do with how they were raised, a friend of mine also has an annoying cat that wants to fight with you constantly, but they played a lot with him when he was young and never corrected him when he did something wrong.

My little meatball just wants to be pet on his belly.


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My expired cat was a brawler too.

same wrestling technique. I would bowl him across the kitchen floor on his back and then he’d come back at me either sideways prancing with arched back or arms spread ready to swat me down.

He was usually “gentle”. Unless I wanted to make the fight real. In which case, I would wait until he was locked up on my arm, biting my thumb web, and then I would blow in his face real hard.


His pupils would dialate, ears pin even further back, and those bites and back leg kicks to my forearm would be wild.

He wouldn’t stop until he got blood. I’m kinda weird and enjoy pain during a fight. So, didn’t bother me. But, that crap would have me itching for hours later.

He also loved to play fetch with balled up paper. I would crumple a piece of junk mail and he’d get all cat-excited. Sometimes he’d swat it back to me, soccer style, instead of carrying it.

Really was a cool dude.

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Kittens love to play, it's in their nature. When they're with their siblings or mother, they play fight all the time, and it can look pretty rough.

When they're separated, they have to develop their hunting instincts, and you get to be the victim.

My kitten loves socks. Or hates them, depending on how you look at it. Little fucker attacks my feet constantly.

I've always been rough on my cats. Not mean, but rough housing when we play. And they've always grown out of the "attack mode," or at least toned it down.

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Same cat I was talking about before, loved to wake me up by attacking my feet.

If I slept in on the weekend, he’d pounce my feet through the covers.

Sometimes, he’d tunnel his way under the blankets and attack my feet claws-to-skin.

And, speaking of him and feet, he loved when my feet stank. Like, when I pulled my boots off after a long day, he’d coming running in to check out the goods. One paw clawed into my foot as he sniffed like his life depended on it. After he got his fill, he’d sit back with his mouth open and a dumbfounded look on his face. Did the same thing with green olives. Olive smell gave him the zoomies and he’d racetrack the house after huffing the fumes like catnip.

I really miss that cat. So weird.

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Rick Bergsma /

This little guy showed up around last February when he was still a kitten. We think someone dropped him off and left him. The neighbors took him in . If I open my garage door in the morning he'll be there looking for a treat .


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:) ^

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Re: Howz ur Cat

^ :)

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Gud. My Katz are Killin it out here. Me an the wife were just out laying on the lawn. Good rain last couple days has is soft and green. Cats had to come see why the humans were laying around in the grass.


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Mine's at that "20% happy purring fuzzball / 80% kill fucking everything" stage.


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Oh those eyes....they really get into it don't they?

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