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> Stephen Keller Wrote:

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> Absolutely, it does have a drivers side air-bag, but who knows if it

> would still work, and even if it did, the thing is so tiny not sure if

> it would help, had both windows down this fall, and it was almost like

> riding a motorcycle! I love my big American Iron, but this is a VERY

> well built/executed example of a whole 'nother way of looking at the

> automobile. Quit drinking about 6 yrs ago, so not worried about crashing

> anymore. I LOVE how well built this car is. The Crown Vic is very well

> built as well, just in a very different way. The poor thing is just

> rusting so badly, I wanted to keep her out of the salt this winter, I

> need new front quarters and the right rear is really bad, but so much $

> into the Ford, I think I will do the body work, and just keep it, she

> rides like a Lincoln. Only 168k on it they are good for 200-300-k easy

It'd be worth it to find a Merc MarQ or CVic in nice shape. Like I did with the Aerostar ped van. Worth it thru the coming yrs.

Re: Car for moped prices...

They are around, the CVP are nice, but I don't care for the bucket seats and rubber floors, as for the Merc's, I don't like leather seats, and most don't have the dual exhaust, that is a must for me, my 97 is a nice car, getting a new gas tank in the spring and new quarters, so much into it and only 168k miles, shifts like new runs so smooth. I have the "highway " rear end, not the posi, so not fast but have seen 29.9 highway mpg, from an albeit small v-8, rides like a Lincoln. cloth bench seats, so comfortable. All new: springs, shocks, rear brakes, calipers rotors and pads, sway bar links, oil pan, plugs wires etc etc et al. 4 New tires too, and a full size spare. The rust makes me sad, but the ride makes me happy.


Re: Car for moped prices...

^ain't she a beaut? :)

Re: Car for moped prices...

NICE car,but getting old. JK cause they will run 300K a lot of times. I liked the Marquis seats better. Some were cloth,some leather. Owned at least 3 or 4 of them from 88 on til 95 model. Great cars and good road mpgs.

Re: Car for moped prices...

woud love an '88, square body!

Re: Car for moped prices...

It was a good one Stephen. I had it painted and replaced the engine at 200K or so. Just kept running and running.

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Beater update 2.0 I know no one cares, lol, but I'm having fun with this started and ran in -26 weather, and it plowed through 10-12 inches of snow from a standing a snowmobile with a roof! I just had the drive axles replaced, they were bad when I bought it, and WHAT a difference! No more slop in the front end, obviously no more clatter when cornering, and I can corner with power on, I could anyway but babied it. This is my question to car guys who deal with fwd vehicles, the rest of mine are rwd, my gas mileage has gone WAY up since this repair, 34 miles since repair, gauge has barely moved off full, used to move that much after 12 miles...granted it is warmer out but it did that in the fall before it got cold too, so, can bad cv joints cause that much drag? It handles much better too, after a highway cruise it used to get shaky, twitchy etc, no more. I LOVE this car, takes me back to when I drove things like this for a living, (pizza pilot) :) Best job ever, would still be doing it if there were benefits. I have owned almost 100 cars in my life, and this one is in the top 5, with my rwd corolla, and the best one of them all, the mighty '77 olds '98 regency with 403/turbo 400 trans, the only American car with Japanese build quality I have ever had. I'm a Toyota believer for life! Especially the yrs 90-2000.

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Stephen, the Japanese at Toyota are nobody special. They put upon the buying Public TWO travesties in their Pickup lines. The years YOU mention had the rusty frame buy-backs they were so bad.

THEN they committed the same stupid mistake in making their 2005 and up trucks. Rusty recalls...…………...…..nothing to brag on but a lot to avoid.

Just sayin!

Read this:

Re: Car for moped prices...

Re: Car for moped prices...

Yeah, that shit is sad, but they are making all the full size trucks as light as they can...I know my beast would not protect me well in a wreck, but neither will a moped or motorcycle...a full size truck used to....

Re: Car for moped prices...

I currently own a '93 Geo Metro I paid $350 for. It needed a clutch, which I did myself with the tutelage of my ASE-certified BF. The thing is a little tank. I took my Hobbit home in it with no disassembly.

I went from having no vehicle after my truck was totaled to having both a running moped and a running car for around $700. I also got to stick a wad of cash in my pocket, since the OD's insurance paid me decently for the accident.


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Nice deal! I had 2 Metro's years ago, the only thing smaller than my current car I think, unless you got a 4 door? I loved them, but they are another car that is all but extinct here, the a-arms rust off the uni-body, making them un-safe to drive. Nice Hobbit, I have one just like it! I have owned it for 21 years now, and it has been the most reliable moped I have ever had. Have fun with yours, welcome to the site.

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I paid 800 for my current jetta, 97. When it's cold out the doors don't open so I have to climb in and out of the windows. also it's got a sunroof that sometimes goes on the fritz if it's plugged in and will randomly open when I shut the car off. Among a host of other issues it was cheap and it does seem to mostly sortof work.

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In 1997-98 I bought a 1984 Honda CRX with 136k for $450, drove it for a couple years delivering pizzas, sold for scrap for $200.

In 1999 I bought a 1984 Volvo 740 turbo sedan for $400, drove it for a year, sold it and the guy never paid so I repoe'd it, drove it to a field in southeastern Wisconsin and put about 1000 rounds into to and it lies there to this day as far as I know.

Sunday I bought a 1980 Volvo 242dl for $200, got it started with the help of my team mates and we drove it around last night. We will entering it in the Rocky Mountain Rambler in Sept.

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1968 I bought a `62 Ford Falcon Futura and it was undoubtedly the best car I ever owned as far as taking a beating.

I drove that car to Columbus and back,hauling 2 to 3 people, and at 200,000 miles it wasn't even using oil.

My ex got it,ran it into the ground, bodywise, but a sawmill got the engine and used it for a good while. What a car for 325 bucks 1968 money, which is around 2000 or more today.

Second car I bought was a `67 Engish Ford Cortina GT 1500 engine ….450 bucks in 1972. It was also great. Drove it to Columbus daily after the ex got the Falcon. Had a performance cam, solid lifters, hi-rise aluminum intake, tuned exhaust headers, and Weber 2 barrel which acted like a 4-barrel in the way it operated.

Used to be a blast shutting down the so-called Super Beetles of that day. Geared low...….top-speed a little over 110 mph. Take it easy and you could pull 30+ mpg.

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Jetta's are flat out nightmares electrically, engines are pretty good...I delivered with a guy with one, EVERYTHING fell off that car, but it always ran, 250,000 and running when it got impounded for the last, 5spd, would never do a VW automatic. Volvo 240 are cult cars in Mpls, great tanks, but most have gone to rust, as have the CRX, wonderful cars, delivered in a CRX HF 1.3 5spd, amazing mpg, kind of small to really load up with orders, had to use hatch back area, they have achieved collector status here as there are so few left. Best delivery cars are hands down Corolla's, '90-2000 or so, 5 spds, and Mazda GLC/323 and the 626 family, 4cys for the 626, bombproof! :) Timing chain vs belt on the Civic's and some yrs Corolla/Prism. My Tercel would be an awesome delivery beater, if I was shorter, lol, very close to the ground, takes a minute to fold myself in! Thinking about having the rust addressed and either coating it in bedliner or plastidip? (flat black, of course). I sure miss those carefree days! :)

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Anyone remember the Datsun 310? :) How about the Pontiac Chevette? T-1000? Had both, TOUGH, TOUGH cars. Plus, you could repair them yourself, with a hammer, a socket set and some duct tape... :D Manual trans...hell yes.(edited)

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This monster will not die either....2.0 4cyl, 4spd stick, timing CHAIN, 73,000 og miles. More expanded foam, plastic floor patches than metal, but always starts, never left me stranded. 30mpg hwy when warm out at 65...I don't drive it in the winter anymore, the frame is weak, one more salt bath and good night Gracie. No computer, no power anything.(edited)

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