Off Topic moderation guidelines

The off-topic forum is here so that we can discuss things that are not strictly moped related, but it’s not a place to spread political ideology or get into fights. Think of this as a place to talk about scooters, motorcycles, recommendations for travel, or your favorite TV show. It’s off-topic, but that doesn’t mean that it’s appropriate for any topic. It’s certainly not a place where we want to encourage bickering or fighting amongst each other. It’s also not a place to express views of intolerance or hatred.

Because of frequent fighting and harassment related to posts that are political or religious in nature I have decided to take a harder stance against these posts. There are plenty of places online where you can discuss these topics. Feel free to hang out on Reddit as much as you want. It's not what this forum is intended for.

My hope is that by removing the constant political hot-takes we can shift the tone of the discussion here to useful off-topic conversation and reduce the amount of baiting and fighting. This is an effort to save this forum, which has gotten so full of snarky political jabs and nonsense that it's nearly useless and very alienating to newcomers.

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