Painting on a Longboard

Five local artists are doing these for a skate park benefit auction. I did this one.


Re: Painting on a Longboard

Sikk ....the universe approves....

Re: Painting on a Longboard

^ Agreed! Very cool! I SO Covet that bus!

Re: Painting on a Longboard

Andrew Squiggman /

I think you painted a longboard. now painting while on a longboard would be impressive!

Re: Painting on a Longboard

That is pretty awesome. When they have the auction get pics of the others too. It'll be interesting to see what others came up with.

A while back in the Tone Report Weekly there was a company that makes guitar stop boxes from old skakeboard decks. They even used the wheels for the control knobs. I thought it was pretty cool because you could use your foot to adjust the levels instead of bending down to do it with the tiny knobs they always have.

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