Selling 3 Paintings

Selling these for $120 each.

Acrylic on Canvas


Behind on bills. Need these sold soon.

Thought I'd give you guys the opportunity.

Top one is 11x14 inches. The other two are 9x12 inches. (edited)

Re: Selling 3 Paintings

Looks good dude

Now: Selling 2 Paintings... 1 Sold

The "Square Circles" (house one) sold about 2 minutes after I posted these on facebook.

Re: Selling 3 Paintings

█▓▒░ ░▒▓█ /

Nice going!

Start spelling your name like this: ~ Dee$y.

Re: Selling 3 Paintings

^ :)


The house one's still available. The rocket one sold.

Re: Selling 3 Paintings

i like that house! too late or too expensive to make prints?

Re: Selling 3 Paintings

I can't afford it right now. I sort of have a good photo of the house one, and the rocket one, and I intend on painting more like the house one.

I'm not selling the ones I desperately want prints of yet, and some of those, like my yellow speedway one; I'll not part with for under $300.

Re: Selling 3 Paintings

hahaa, I'm actually chatting with the owner of our local print shop right now.

Re: Selling 3 Paintings


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