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Shootin' trouble, fixin' crap.

I think treasure hunting on the side of the road might qualify.....?

I enjoy it and I'm always on the prowl.

Three recent finds, pair of clubs will = $40, ka-ching!

7 1/4 circular saw, very little wear, runs perfect -smooooth! Made in U.S.A. aluminum body, what year did those stop 197x?? Ball knob has left hand thread, neato!

Paint mix scale 7000 grams/ 15.4 pounds @ 1/10 G resolution (.003 oz).

I amtrying to curb my useless junk hauling home propensity.....

Saw it, turned around and looked. Left it there. Returned, picked up to put in my car, put back down, left again. (This was on my street) "It probably is broken." Pulled into my driveway, NO! Went back and got it!

Plugged it in...."Oh yeah!!"

Big help to be able to weigh my ebay without extra going to P.O.



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Working on my 3rd album this year. 4 songs into my new one, entitled; Star Escape.

Thought space-music would be easier to do, but I am almost finding limits in space, if that is even possible. I have a ways to go still, because I want this album to be near an hour in length.

Used an old tube shortwave radio as a cheapy theremin on one track in a song, a couple nights ago. I thought it sounded exceptional when I put it together.

Songs on this album so far:

Launch Site XLI Venus Colony

Quadra Delta Moon VII

Cobalt Caverns on Dedalia

Triandulic Orbitual Modules

I've only got 15 minutes so far, total.


Last album; Stilling the Soul of Saul, was sort of short. Only a half an hour, but it includes 12 songs. All gentle guitar, inspired to soothe King Saul's troubled soul. People are really liking that one so far.

Re: Other Hobbies

Lots of hobbies. They vary with the season and level of interest at the time.

Started buying, repairing and trading motorcycles about 5 years ago. Began with a really far gone 550 Suzuki and after many trades and repairs i have worked my way up to an 84 Yamaha Venture VXZ1200.

Collecting, trading and selling vintage stereo equipment.

Road bike riding (presently riding a Giant Defy III)

Geocaching (Recent interest but 119 finds and 7 hides so far)

Many others but those come to mind right now.

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campeona del mundo /

Re: Other Hobbies

Probably Fred /


Re: Other Hobbies

I've got a few rifles I've built and I want to build more. I finished up a bren mk4 light machine gun and before that was a rpk.

Re: Other Hobbies

♣Slew Foot♣ /

I found this cool arcade machine online I want one...

Re: Other Hobbies

Driving to foreign countries in our classic Skoda Estelle or by bus.

Music production

Bass guitar, analogue keyboards and organs

Learning languages

Fixing Skoda :)

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Terbo Speghetti /

I'm into vintage mopeds from the 70s and 80s

Re: Other Hobbies

Love the vintage stuff too, very relaxing

Re: Other Hobbies

Hand loading (reloading) my own ammunition. Because precision shot placement is everything.

Re: Other Hobbies

I had the Lee hand load kit for .44 Mag. I wanted to make ~.44 special loads in full length cases.

It was kinda fun hammering together my own cartridges. But it was a lot of work and I never shot that gun very much. Killed one deer and the infatuation was over.

When I get to NM, I’m def getting back into black powder. Making my own powder, casting bullets, even looking at the Walker Colt revolver kit from Dixie Gun Works.

Don’t know how much hunting there is down around them parts. So, a tiny caliber plinking gun might be enough. Maybe even a homemade gun.

I hate that I can make powder and projectile but still buy caps/primers from the man. I want to dabble in some electronic ignition stuff too. Not something legit, but like a flintlock that has a hot coil to set off the pan.

Re: Other Hobbies

I use skateboards and skateboard accessories

Re: Other Hobbies

Jimbo Grand Daddy /

Re: Other Hobbies

I got some hand loading stuff, I think it's mostly .30-06 and .44 from my gramps, i dont have any use but if I can find it you can have it

Re: Other Hobbies

I’d buy it from you, Will, or at least cover shipping. My wife hunts with a .30-06 and I just inherited a .44 but I don’t have dies & shit for either.

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Blaine- The artist formerly known as Plumber Crack "(OFMC)" /

I think the walker would be a blast to shoot. Didn’t know they sell it as a kit. At over 15 inches long and 4-1/2 pounds, they’re the steam locomotive of hand guns.

I’ve found the stl files to 3D print one, as a plastic model obviously, but would still be neat as a wall hanger. This guy does a hell of a job with painting his. It looks damn near real.

So yeah, I guess that’s one of my hobbies, cad and 3D printing. I mostly draw things up and print them to replace broken stuff. I have a friend that restores high end vintage stereo equipment. I’ve done several gears for turntables. Latest project is a lever arm type of thing that returns the tone arm for a pioneer turntable.

The walker print.

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