I don't get it.

So... I was surfin' around and came across on of my youtub guitar songs, _Daccadoo_. I see you can get it as a ring tone now and you can download an MP3. They don't however name me as the artist.

I wonder if anyone's actually used it even. I also wonder if any more of my stuff is being taken to places like that.

Re: I don't get it.

Just remember. In China: Everything is Open Source

Re: I don't get it.

--but what does that actually mean in fairy-tale land, over here?

In Mexico....

Re: I don't get it.

I want the one about the red moped just haven't figured out how to snag it electronically. LOL how much you sell me a music disk for?

Re: I don't get it.

DMCA take down notice

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