Whistle Tips... WOO WOO

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Yeah, yeah... I know its _old_ news but has anyone ever bothered to put a whistle tip on their ped?

Re: Whistle Tips... WOO WOO

Because mopeds arent already noisey and obnoxious enough,,,,,,,

Lance I will watch your video that YOU PERSONALLY will make of YOU putting a whistle on your very own Streetmate.

I actually do enjoy your videos....even if alot of it is just for humour....and the lancecampeau.com thing.

Re: Whistle Tips... WOO WOO

I haven't heard of this yet so thats probably a good thing. Its already bad enough with those super loud boom-boom car stereos.

Re: Whistle Tips... WOO WOO

LMAO I think thats dumb I prefer to shake the ground with my short pipe cherry bombs on my 350 !!!!! as for pedals hmmmnnn still no.

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