Yamaha RD trouble

I recently purchased a RD350 it's a great bike, I just got it running a bit ago and it starts fine but when it's idling at 1500 rpm in neutral and I rev it up a bit it the revs stay up at 2500 and don't come back down. I checked for air leaks but didn't find any. Also when I turn the lights on the revs back off a bit but not much. If I switch the kill and fire it back up the revs are around 1500 where should be. I have no clue what this could be. I was thinking maybe it was lean. When I mess with the idle adjustment screws nothing changes. Running Lean? I also oiled the air filter like a noob when it's not suppose to be could this be part of the issue? Sorry for the long post hope you dudes can help.


Re: Yamaha RD trouble

sounds like the carb slides are not coming back down

to the rest or idle position.

make sure the slides are in correctly.

cutaway toward the air filter.

also, check the springs .

if they are sacked out then stretch them out alittle.

make them alittle longer

Re: Yamaha RD trouble

Sync the carbs, make sure the choke linkage isn't sticky on one carb.

Probably the sync though.

Re: Yamaha RD trouble

Nope, probly not an air leak. My 250 does basically the same thing. Start it, idles at 1500 where I have it set. After a couple of minutes of warming up itll amble up to 2500rpm idle. Put any draw on the electrical system, be it brake light, lights, horn, whatever, and it idles back down to 1500 and stays there as long as the lights are on or there's some other draw on the system.

My RD is running the OMP regulator/rectifier, so I think you can eliminate your [presumably] stock ones as a cause. Honestly I haven't really tried to solve mine yet, I'm still working out some minor carb issues which are more important at the moment. If you do figure it out, please let me know.

Re: Yamaha RD trouble

Sounds like carb sync to me. Tuning is short lived with these bikes so be prepared to sync the carbs regularly.

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