Yamaha RD 350

I just pick up an Rd 350 and was hopeing since this site rocks I could get some info from dudes who have one. First question I have is, what are you running for oil in your gear box? Also what type of brake fluid are you using?


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you could get a workshop manual.

you*re gonna need one anyway to work on this beast

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i don't own a rd but i can guess

dot 3 or 4 brake fluid like ever other bike. with disk brakes.

tranny fluid hopefully some one who knows more can tell you

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Yeah I know I need to get a manual

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prob says what kinf of fluid to use on the top of the master cyl.

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I have a 75 rd350 use sea30 in trans. thats what the manual says. go to hvccycle.com for parts.

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sorry sae 30 straight 30w engine oil.

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There's better stuff than SAE30 these days, though you'd probly be fine with that. I use Motul Transoil in mine. I prefer it to regular motor oil cause it doesnt have the friction modifiers that modern motor oil does, which change the clutch performance. A lot of people like synthetic gear oil, too, like 85w or so.

Dot 3 or Dot 4 for the brake fluid.

Get a Clymer manual. It's better than the Haynes, though still not quite complete. USA2Strokers.com will help, too.

HVC sells tapered steering head bearings and brass + steel swingarm bushings that will stiffen it up somewhat.

Enjoy, RD's are fun as hell.

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