broke my phone! ):

i broke my phone, now im phoneless untill i can get my old one back. im shitting myself man, i need a phone.. NEEEEED. people have been texting me and i can't look at them because my screens are broken. and now im super bored.

Re: broke my phone! ):

Mine went june 5 when i threw my 3GS into the bushes.

Just activated my I4 yesterday.

It was nice not using a phone for a few weeks. real nice.

Re: broke my phone! ):



Re: broke my phone! ):

WTF who cares about phones and texting crap

its more fun to just go to your friends house and piss them off you dont need a phone to do that

Re: broke my phone! ): /

ive lost 2 phones this month 225 bux in one month on new phones is ridiculous. once you get use to not having a phone its awesome these things are fucking leashes.

Re: broke my phone! ):

rock finally shredding pow /

my lady shattered my iphone in september, just today i got my moms old one. its alot smoother without packing tape on the screen.

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