Re: Drug Test People on Welfare

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what would you have the disabled do all day?

Re: Drug Test People on Welfare

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This thread has been hijacked. I thought we were planning a realignment of American values that would place more emphasis on the welfare of the common man at the expense of corporations and the elimination of windfall profits funded by the American taxpayer. I thought penalizing drug use was simply our avenue to eliminate corporate handouts. What has gone wrong?

Re: Drug Test People on Welfare

My point is that many of these people are not disabled. The lesson that is being taught to their children is that you don't have to work. The world will take care of you.

It doesn't matter what they do. Picking up trash would be helpful, cleaning abandoned lots, planting trees, stuffing envelopes, volunteering for non-profits.

There is plenty of work to be done.

When people have nothing to do they end up fighting each other, and feeling entitled to live in the way they do.

I used to believe that jobless people really wanted to work. Now I believe a large percentage of the jobless will do anything to avoid work as long as the check keeps showing up.

Re: Drug Test People on Welfare

I don't think we should drug test welfare recipients.

I DO think we should require people who are on government assistance to either get fixed or at the very least take birth control.

I mean in the whole poverty cycle the real victims are the children of the poor. I mean yeah the working man is also getting fucked but not as hard as the little kids.

Take them out of the equation and the problem will begin to clear itself up.

I have brought this up before and people have responded with shock and indignation. I don't understand why though.

Re: Drug Test People on Welfare

Well getting "fixed" is pretty radical, but birth control is not at all unreasonable, the main reason they prob do not do this is that there is not an oral contraceptive avail to men like there are for women, and not everyone can take these without side effects. Unfortunately it seems to be your right to breed without regard for your ability to support/educate your offspring. This is a great idea in theory, but we are too far gone down the liberal road for it to ever happen. To many people have lived many generations with no one working, they know nothing else, they are not shamed or motivated to improve. I have no problem at all with assistance for those truly in need, but with so many raised with no intention of working and therefore no shame in not, how do you diferentiate who is in need and who just does not know better? This (unfortunatley) is a much more complicated issue than it apears on it's face.

Re: Drug Test People on Welfare

Just kill people that apply for welfare! Problem solved!

(I really have to get into politics. I'm awesome at this.)

Re: Drug Test People on Welfare

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80% of welfare is corprate.

the real drugs do clear out of your system within 8 days.

pharmacudical companies would be the only benificiaries.

yes i am disabled, no i am not on welfare but ssd

yes i get subsidized housing, medicare and foodstamps

personally i put my money in. I cleared 125,000 one year

and 85,000 another two for working @ Dunn and Bradstreet and the RR

i was injured by a suspended fireman who lost his license for DUI

as a result i have six inoperable discs in my back

i have 128 or so migraine episodes a year

in medical use states i qualify... Pa is not a med use state

now if you are on welfare and drive a bmw, mercedes or a sports car

you should be investigated. the crack dealers,

should look at what korea did

they rounded up all the meth dealers into the town square

and shot them dead no trials no expense but a 10 cent bullet

about 25 percent of disability claims are valid

the rest are substance abuse, alcoholism and mental disorders

that are bogus. then again the drug addicts won't live long enough to

collect social security or most smokers and drinkers either

disability is no cornicopia of freebies.

try to survive on a quarter of what you make working

heck toliet paper and tv are perks

wait till the ratio between rich and poor equals 500x

that is the line when society will revolt

i can get by on 200 dollars a month try it

i am prepared for the economy to fail my needs are few

i have been poor for ten years

try to fillup that SUV when theres no jobs

why not change retirement into like a manditory death date

We are all slaves and don't realize it because they replaced the chains

and shanty shacks, with pieces of paper with no real value,

and overpriced cookie cutter shoebox homes.

it was cheaper than slaves, you have to feed, house, and clothe slaves

work for yourself be your own boss its the only escape


Re: Drug Test People on Welfare

Equal opportunity, not necessarily equal outcome.

Re: Drug Test People on Welfare

_I DO think we should require people who are on government assistance to either get fixed or at the very least take birth control._

whoa, that was probably the most ignorant thing I've read in a long time.

Re: Drug Test People on Welfare

^also, are you a fan of the tuskegee experiments, too?

birth control is probably a good idea, but mandating "fixing" those who are on government assistance is ludacris. education & family planning are absolutely fundamental rights. let's encourage education and end the barriers families have to receive family planning aid.

Re: Drug Test People on Welfare

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But the pope says birth control is wrong. Yeah I went to Catechism.

Re: Drug Test People on Welfare

Orangerobin is now sponsoring 10 dollar abortions. Come get them while the coat hanger is still hot. If you cant afford to pay for an abortion you get them free, cause you most definietly cant afford a child once they come out.

Testing for drugs is stupid. Everyone is on are only questioning the drugs that are deemed illegal. Oxy is sold in pill form, but its illegal to buy it from a heroin dealer. And its illegal for the dealer to sell it....but its ok for the government to mandate it and the people to pay for it and the companies to make it....

Drug test everyone .. jail them all

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Moped riders, doctors, teachers, lawyers, judges, politicians, police .. EVERYONE .. jail them ALL. That would create jobs for welfare people.

Re: Drug test everyone .. jail them all

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imagine how much lower our taxes would be and how much better our services would be if we could get the war industry slime into prison where they belong:

Two big budget items represent the current cost of defense goods and services obtained in the past. The Department of Veterans Affairs, which is authorized to spend about $124 billion in the current fiscal year, falls in this category. Likewise, a great deal of the government

Re: Drug test everyone .. jail them all

I almost agree with the "Fixing" thing.

If you have 4 kids already and the government is paying for you to stay home and raise these kids, you better not have another 1.

Maybe pregnancy tests everytime they recieve a check?

How can we get these people to help themselves?

They Know no other way.

Re: Drug test everyone .. jail them all

i dont see how drug testing would save money. doesnt drug testing cost money? and if someone tested positive for drugs the gov. would probably just require them to go to rehab rather than denying them a welfare check. its a never ending scandal ahhhhhh!!!

Re: Drug test everyone .. jail them all


anyhow, returning to the topic at hand. I think it's OK for welfare and for billionaires to exist and do drugs. I have plenty more than I need in terms of dollars and stuff, so I've got no beef with billionaires tryin to rip me off cuz I still got what I need and I got no problem sharing some pieces of my excess and plenty with folks who needs it.

and drugs are bad, but people pay a price for that on their own.

Re: Drug test everyone .. jail them all

long as they dont test for unemployment...

Re: Drug test everyone .. jail them all

the government doesn't pay for mom's to stay at home and raise children. in fact, i work for employment support program, a obama stimulous funded csbg (community services block grant) that aids in helping head start guardians with finding adequate work or eliminating barriers to finding gainful employment. this includes fixing cars to get to work, paying tuition, ged materials, license fees (you have no idea how many mothers dont even have their drivers license) gas cards, interview clothing, etc. etc. etc.

sure, i dont necessarily agree with how the services are delegated, but that's beyond the point.. there is absolutely a need for these services, but not everyone qualifies. mothers have to provide income verification, insurance/registration when applicable, etc. etc. we dont just hand over money without verification of need.

it's just ignorant to believe that the mothers i help are sitting around collecting welfare for several reasons:

1) individuals who qualify for unemployment can only collect it for 26 weeks.. that's 6 months.

2) raising 4 kids is really fucking expensive. you don't know what they have been through in their life. so quit judging.

3) sure, most of us wouldn't choose to have children that we can't afford, but paying $40 a month for birth control is out of the question for some of these mothers who are already struggling to make ends meet.

4) why the fuck arent you guys writing about how the fathers should WEAR A FUCKING CONDOM?

Re: Drug test everyone .. jail them all

i forgot to mention that we do follow-ups on these success stories.. so this "free money" is given out to people who are finding employment and bettering themselves & their families.

Re: Drug test everyone .. jail them all

OHHH and they have to attend a "financial literacy class" as headstart parents.. meaning they learn how to budget and be more successful with their money.

Re: Drug test everyone .. jail them all

If they can afford their drug habit they can afford food, therefore they don't deserve handouts.

Re: Drug test everyone .. jail them all

tyler, youre missing the point.

Re: Drug test everyone .. jail them all

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I really like the new erinl, now with bleeding heart.

Re: Drug test everyone .. jail them all

fushias and bleeding hearts are my favorite flowers!

Solve the world's problems .. sterilize U.S. citiz

Sterilize all U.S. citizens.

Re: Solve the world's problems .. sterilize U.S. c

whoever made this thread is pretty much an idiot piece of shit.

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