wtb: scooter in pittsburgh area

a friend of mine asked me to look out for one, so i thought i'd post here...

anyone got anything? post pics if you can.

Re: wtb: scooter in pittsburgh area

oh, um, small scooters...like 50 to 100cc....

Re: wtb: scooter in pittsburgh area

Noooo don't go to the dark side!

Re: wtb: scooter in pittsburgh area

Off-topic Switch!

If you're going to go scooter, why not go as ugly as humanly possible? Go Honda:

"a 1985 Elite for Too Much Money":http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/mcy/1168741113.html

"a 2002 Elite for only a bit more":http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/mcy/1176339130.html

"a 2006 Ruckus for even more than that":http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/mcy/1188127236.html


Scooter question: Is the Honda Metropolitan variated (CVT), and the Honda Ruckus not?

Ruckuses are slow, but if there was a bolt-on transmission available for them...

Re: wtb: scooter in pittsburgh area


Say it with me.

Re: wtb: scooter in pittsburgh area

a neighbor of mine...not the guy who already owns two ruckuses...asked if i would look around for him to see if i could turn something up. i saw the CL listings, but thought i'd see if something more interesting might turn up.

for instance, i'd love to see a Fuji Rabbit parked on my street.

Re: wtb: scooter in pittsburgh area

Has anyone seen the guy who rides around Greenfield on a weird, modern, silver scooter? It's perfectly geometric in a pleasing way (unlike Elites) - his sort of looks like the cab on a Mitsubishi Fuso - simple and boxy and yet somehow good.

I wonder what it is.


Conversely, this exists:

The Yamaha "Morpheus" neither makes you sleep nor turns into anything except the most horrifying scooter I've ever seen. It sort of looks like a giant nose with wheels.

There's one for sale on craigslist, too, but don't tell your neighbor. Having that shixt parked on the street will lower everyone's property values.

Re: wtb: scooter in pittsburgh area

Thats what happens when a snowmobile and a scooter procreate.... PROTECTION PEOPLE!!!!

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