SWINE flu, no picnick

Ben Van Zoest /

Got over a bout of Swine flu is like having been hit by a truck everything hurted for 3 days.

Don't wish it to anyone. Stay healthy and well.

Re: SWINE flu, no picnick

shit... try bird flu

Re: SWINE flu, no picnick

Fuck, that must be what I had! 3 days of body aches, hacking up lung butter, and sleeep.

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god, i wish whatever i have only lasted three days. i've had crazy fever chills, uncontrollable shakes, explosive diarrhea, the pukes, and upset stomach since wednesday.

i blame global warming.

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incase you werent aware, DONALD RUMSFIELD was the chairman of the board at gilead biotech just before becoming defense secretary. gilead biotech is the maker of tamiflu. tamiflu is what the w.h.o. recommends for treatment of swine flu.

during the bird flu scare, he personally made about 44 million after the w.h.o. suggested countries stockpile tamiflu, a drug that has not been shown to treat either swine or bird flu.

tamiflu has a shelf life of 2 years. all those old stockpiles have gone bad. time to restock the wallet! CHA-CHING! swine flu! the man made flu!

it has 1 part bird flu, 1 part swine flu, and 2 parts human flu, yet the media says it doesnt come from pigs?

so...what are we to believe, one day a bird with bird flu met a pig with pig flu, they gave the other thier flu, becoming swine/bird flu, then farmer jose who had a human flu, cought swine/bird flu, becoming swine/bird/human flu, who then gave it to his wife who also had the flu, but not the SAME flu, combining to make swine/bird/human/human flu?

H1N1...yeah....one of the worlds leading virologist in australia, the man who figured out the old flu of 1916 was an ancestor of bird flu (which killed about 40 million) has come out publicly and said himself this flu shows all signs of being grown in egg cells to become what it is.

this is yet another attempt by the nwo to push several agendas at once.

1. get the public to accept federal innoculation

2. profit from fear

3. profit from death

4. disrupt global trade from places like china.

5. thin the herd

might i remind you the last time the swine flu broke out in the mid 70s, the government "cure" killed hundreds and paralyzed thousands.

flu mutates at break-neck speed. think of it as a safe combination. try it on enough safes and one of them is eventually going to open, and every time someone gets this flu, it gets another chance to become more infectious, and more deadly.

me? ive already started to stockpile water and canned food, as well as ammo for all of my guns.

pandoras box folks. be prepared or be dead

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lolol stockpiling because of influenza is absolutely absurd.

if you're so into conspiracy theories.. why not consider the statistics of how many people die per year of influenza compared to that of the h1n1 strain....

also... consider your chances of getting in a traffic accident & getting struck by lightening.

this is redic.

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perhaps. but when a man made virus is unleashed into the public, one that humans have no immunity to, and theres no drugs or vaccines to treat it, AND its always on the verge of evolving into a much deadlier strain at a moments notice, yeah im stocking up.

laugh now if you want to. nature has a way of fixing her problems.

Re: SWINE flu, no picnic

I been sick with something since the last week of April. I'm still hacking up flem, sometimes in chunks that look like life forms.

Body aches.


Eyes burn.

Lungs full of gorilla snot.

Nasal pluggage.

I can only hear about 30 to 40% normal.

No energy at all.

~I sat out in a lawn chair thinking the first good sunny day we've had would cook some of this outa me. Fell asleep, and sunburned my tummy, chest, neck and face, along with the bottom of my arms. So now I'm also sore from that. I'm as red as a beat.

Today and yesterday are the 1st two days I have been able to stay outa bed for more than an hour. I am so sick of being sick, I wanna rip my own body open and scrape it out by hand.

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This sounds like fun, I cant wait till its my turn.

Josh~ thats a complicated theory, although I wouldn't put it past the people who's pockets it will line.

Erin~ I also agree stock piling for the flu is obsurd.

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stock piling supplies cause of the flu makes a hell of a lot more sense than my friend stock piling supplies for judgement day just incase he doesnt get saved by jesus

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I think I caught a full BOAR flu. I actually have no idea if I have the swine flu or what it is; but I never been this sick for so long in my life. I wanna try mowing the yard today, but just coughing for a few minutes straight wears me out so much.

I WISH it only lasted 3 days for me. It's been over 3 weeks now. Somebody please send me a _get well sucker_.

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anyone remember SARS?

Re: SWINE flu, no picnic

I remember people wearing these stupid things all the time. I think I'm just going to hang out and not let anyone give me any "flu shots" or any of that other bs.

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lol, I just found this too.

Re: SWINE flu, no picnic


Re: SWINE flu, no picnic

before you worry about swine flu deezy, you should be more concerned about your beaver fever!

# of people I know with confirmed H1N1= 7

# of people i know with sars, bird flu, and ebola combined= 0

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beaver fever can really fuck you up!!! Dont drink the water

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# of people I know with h1n1 = 0

# of people in Michigan with h1n1 = 158

Total population of Michigan = 10,003,422

Percentage in Michigan who have confirmed H1N1 = .000002%

Total Deaths in United States = 5

Total population of United States = 304,059,724

Percentage in United States that have died of h1n1 = .000000002%

now come on people. chill out.

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^^^^ agree 100%

Re: SWINE flu, no picnic

also, if you know 7 people with confirmed h1n1... that's amazing because....

553/36,756,666 have confirmed h1n1 in California...

and you knowing 7 of them is a statistical anomaly.

Re: SWINE flu, no picnic

How swine flu starts...

Re: SWINE flu, no picnic

no groms no blasters /

HAVE YOU HEARD OF RON PAUL!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!1111

sars wars

just saw the movie "Sars Wars". hilarious thai flick.

i had a bout of flu in april for 3 wks, but it was not h1n1. the little guys can't help mutating and adapting to us.

Re: SWINE flu, no picnick

I dont know what I've got this week, but i've had a fever coming and going since monday and I'm pouring bronze today at work, which, with a high today near 90 degrees, will be about 120 degrees in the foundry, and I'll be wearing full leathers.

I may just kill myself before 30 yet! Wish me luck!

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