parking on the street

hi everyone,

i've just learned a quick lesson about parking.

last night as i was heading out on my moped i thought i should stop by an atm machine and get some cash. no big deal. so i park in front of the bank on the street and run to get some cash. and as the machine was spitting out my money, i was startled by a horrible scraping sound. so i looked out the window, and the guy i parked in back of was leaving, only he was backing into my moped and pushed it about 5 feet. and before i could get my card and money the ass had taken off.

i don't think anything is wrong with my bike, but it just feels different. perhaps just the trauma of the situation had an effect on the bike (i haven't named her yet).

anyways, the moral of the story is always pull onto the sidewalk to park, if you didn't know already.


Re: parking on the street

Wayne Broderick /

I work at a fortune 500 company that wants me to be a number. They won't let me park the moped inside the garage, because they said "the moped could damage the parking garage structure..."

Yeah, ok. Pull the other one. I wouldn't damage a parking garage if I found the weakest spot in the entire building and went and hit it at full bore.

Although nothing is documented anywhere, apparently this is the rule.

You know they're just jealous--! I wouldn't worry about the rain if not for the stereo.

I was thinking about your moped-- that could be a good thing if you had a ped on it's death-bed. Park it and wait for someone to crush it. if the person about to back over your ped is in a Yugo, jump out and scream-- if it's a new Lexus, let 'em go.

Re: parking on the street

Chris Robertson /

Your moped might feel different for psychological reasons (i.e. the same reason that a freshly washed car seems to run better), or maybe something got bent and is actually holding you back. Look over your bike really carefully --you don't want $2 part costing you $75.

Be careful about parking on the sidewalk. Here in Canada's capital (Ottawa), I've gotten parking tickets for parking on the sidewalk. Here's the rub: one side of the parking meter is sidewalk, the other side is private property. It's as simple as parking on the correct side. Sure there are hundreds of bicycles parked on the sidewalk --the difference is [here anyway] that mopeds have license plates and <b>can</b> be ticketed.

I hate to see someone get a stupid ticket from a bored cop.


Re: parking on the street

When parking your moped, try to put it in front of the the vehicle just before a corner or driveway. Car drivers don't tend to run over something they can see.

I've used city bicycle racks on the sidewalk with no problem, just don't ride on the sidewalk. Walk the 'ped to it.


Re: parking on the street

and whenever you take a spot in a parking lot, make sure a car looking for a place to park can see your moped from behind the cars on either side of you. In other words, don't pull in too far in to the spot. I had to flag down this driver the other day who was pulling into the same spot as my moped without seeing it, I saved her, but it was close.

Re: parking on the street

Simon King /

that's really true. i don't park in car spots because of that. i ususally just go for the bike rack, which nobody in kalamazoo seems to mind. hell, sometimes i find motocycles parked in the bike rack (near it anyway).

ease of parking, i.e. not having to find a real spot, is one of the major advantages of the moped for me. i've never had a hassle for locking to a parking meter or anything like that. -- could just be kalamazoo though.

Re: parking on the street

Hi! I think Spartovi brought out a great point! I'd never thought about that angle of it before.WAY TO GO !!

Re: parking on the street

i too love the bike racks, but when i see an open spot in a lot, i take it. Make the car driver's job just a little more difficult. :)

Re: parking on the street

i like bike racks and such, because it's more visible and safe (in my opinion). and i agree w/ spartovi on making the life for car drivers more difficult, but it won't make up for having my bianch run over. and i make a statement by always being able to pull up to the front door of any store/business and park and lock to something. talk about convenience. ;-)

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