1979 Vespa Bravo Moped

My Vespa goes about 25 mph tops. Does anyone know where the governor is and how to take it off???

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Re: 1979 Vespa Bravo Moped

Sorry Dude,

But there is no governor, however there a several things that could cause you ped to go slow. Clogged Exhaust, dirty points, low compression, fouled plug, dirty carb ect. Luckily the Vespa is very easy to work on. What have you checked and what haven't you?

Re: 1979 Vespa Bravo Moped

You could have a 25MPH model. There were such mopeds sold in states that had a speed limit for them. It's usually a case of exhaust and carburation.

As far as governors go, only lawn mowers use those.

Jim c.

Re: 1979 Vespa Bravo Moped

even if you have a 25mph stock model, you can speed it up (even w/o a "speed kit"). but you need to specify what you've done and all. what size carb do you have? how is the exhaust? what front sprocket size do you have? piston size? manifold? is the carb good? good timing? compression? all these things influence speed.

Re: 1979 Vespa Bravo Moped

I just noticed you are looking to remove your govenor. In order to be licensed as a moped it speed generally needs to be regulated at 25 mph. Removing the govenor will decrease your safety as the bike may be designed for a certain speed levels and also the state you live in may void out any licensing possibilities since it speed will exceed legal moped speeds. Perhaps your modifing for off road in which case the licensing won't matter....but safety will. I would recommend you check with the manufacturer for speed considerations and the state for licensing requirements before you modify your bike.

about speed restrictions and moped laws

i wouldn't worry about the state restrictions. speed limit is 30mph in michigan. many of us in the moped army do close to 40 (or even more in some cases). you can get a speeding ticket if you go over 30mph. which would be awesome. i'd laminate mine if i got one and carry it w/ me to prove my top speed.

but i wouldn't recommend doing more than 50mph on a moped. 40mph is more than enough, in my opinion. mostly due to safety problems and the tolerance levels for which the bike was designed.

but keep in mind that the exact same bike that was sold to you as a "restricted" model (i.e. slower) was also sold in other places at other speeds. my bianchi was sold in a state that requird a top speed of under 20mph. so it had smaller manifold, carburetor, and piston. but that same exact bike was also sold in europe and other places and would do about 40mph. so derestricting it wouldn't hurt on safety.

and just tell the dmv that you have a moped. they won't even ask to inspect it (at least not in michigan). and just 'cause your moped can do more than 30mph doesn't mean that you have to, eh?

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