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does anyone know if the 70cc bore kit has a reed valve? i am planning on buying this kit in a week or so and i was just wondering stuff like how much extra "power" i will get out of it. and how fast it takes off. oh and btw i know of all the dangers/risks in bying this kit and i am prepared to take all of them. i am a very good mechanic and i have tons of extra parts for the a35 engine. well answers will be greatly apreciated.


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Hey, I"m pretty sure it does, and they're VERY FAST. My Tomos goes 55 mph cruising speed. No holding up traffic, and not that loud. Acceleration is crazy fast, 0-15 in 3 seconds. You can do wheelies with no effort, and they're fun to fool cars with (go like 20 on the side of the road and then when they try to pass, speed up). Anyways, I'm looking for a complete a35 engine if you have one, as well as a two cdi ignitions, a stock piston, and a air filter box and filter. I am also looking for many other Tomos parts, a "any condition" Targa lx, Tomos fairings, blinkers, a seat, a center kickstand, the covers for the front shocks, biturbo, and a headlight. Thanx

Re: bore kit

Tim Taylor /

Hi Mike, I too am thinking about putting one of these on my Tomos Sprint. What exactly are the risks of doing so?

Re: bore kit

tore up clutch pads... you may blow a seal in the center case but if your a skilled mechanic then that should be no problem. thats about it if your moped runs pretty well right now

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