A Bike for Bill

Reeperette /

I kinda stumbled onto this through a link from Heeters.com

There's a company out there making Motorcycles with automotive V-6/V-8 engines !

I saw this one, powered by a Ford V-8 @ 310-385Hp...and for some odd reason (gee, wonder why) It made me think of Bill right off.

Check it out.



Re: A Bike for Bill

gimmiejimmie /

If you like Chevy motorcycles, check out:


The first time I saw one of these beasts up close was at Bike Week, Daytona about 10 yrs.ago. It's like sitting on the biggest damn bull and holding it's horns for handlebars. I've seen em at the bike drags too. It had a 350 CI engine. Now they make a 57 Chevy trike also. What's next, train or plane engines on two wheels?

I'll stick with something I can pick up if it falls over.


Re: A Bike for Bill

your getting closer! you can get a motercycle called the ultimate superbike with a diesel turbine engine . they only make 5 a year and for $150,000 its yours!

you can drool over the images at the link below.


A moped in disguise?

XBrandon EdgeX /

If you look at the specs, you'll see it has a single speed transmission!

Re: A moped in disguise?

gimmyjimmy /

yep, just like a moped, one speed. I think I saw some pedals in that pic too!

Re: A moped in disguise?

gimmyjimmy /

oh, I forgot to mention, video cameras for rear view mirrors?, why would you worry about what's behind you when you can go that fast.

Re: A moped in disguise?

gimmyjimmy /

oops, grammar correction, I thought I saw or I think I see, that is correct.

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