OK, You've got me interested.

Reeperette /

Having gotten a good look at the Minarelli Engine, and a fair concept of the 'peds it comes on...Y'all have definately sold me on gettin at least one thereof.

But it's gonna hafta wait till after the Revival, of course ;-)

Any suggested makes/models ?


Re: OK, You've got me interested.

hurray! i'm glad you've come to see the light, ree. ;-)

yeah, the minarelli is so easy to work on and parts are so common. it's a great thing. i would recommend nearly anything, sine they all have the exact same v1 engine. not like tomos w/ three types. all of them are the same. same carb, same everything.

cimatti city bikes are quite nice and fairly common (they have rear tanks). but there were probably about 50 or so manufacturers who used the minarelli engine. so you can also get a really unique moped. i only know of two other bianchis (and one has a morini engine). dan has the only milani we know of (they were even rare in italy, made by a mom & pop outfit). carabelas are also nice, the only moped we know of made in mexico. some are top tank. some have rear tanks (like the asian peds). but engine parts are completely interchangeable. only four wires, so nothing complicated there.

Re: OK, You've got me interested.

gimmiejimmie /


Check out the 5 STAR GENERALs, made in the early 80's and Minarelli driven.

There are some pics in the photo gallery, add some gov. surplus back packs, a canteen, and a couple ammo belts and ya got a tough soldier.

It would seem fitting to have a General in the "Army".


Re: OK, You've got me interested.

yep, generals seem to be nice. we have a couple now. but ... some also have sachs engines, some minarelli, some morini. bizarre.

also check out the concords. those are nice minarelli mopeds.

Re: OK, You've got me interested.

Hi,Ree! I've got to say I like my MOTOMARINA Sebring with the Minarrelli engine.It has more PEP than any other single-speed I've ridden.I think if I had 2-gears I could make a showing against most mopeds,unmodified of course.I took it on a 60 mi. run last night.It pulled my 230 lbs. and 25 lbs. of gear with no problem,but on steeper hills you have to hit them hard and fast at the beginning.I'd love to see that thing run with a 100 lb. kid on it.I have a little troubleshooting story to go with this run: The bike has great power but runs rough when letting off throttle at 20+mph. Before I left I replaced the #52 jet with a #55 from HANDY BIKES.It would always cut-out at high rpm also.Now the jet didn't solve the problem,so it's time to experiment.I can't help it,it's in my blood to try to figure out problems,especially ones I have to ride.At 27 mph.,before the engine cut-out,I slightly covered one of the air inlet holes (reaching down in front was a little scary `cause I'm kind of clumsy on lop-sided driving techniques at this speed.As soon as I barely covered the hole,it cut-out! So, I pulled over,pried one of the plugs out of the air filter,tested it again, and gained 2 mph before it cut out.I pried out the other plug and gained even more. So watch those small rearward facing air filters on the Minarrelli,because I'm going to drill an extra hole in mine.And I also wanted to mention that the roughness on deceleration DISAPPEARED.Just thought this might help any future Minnerelli owners.BYE!

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