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My moped:

(a) Is VERY hard to start.

(b) When you first get it going it slows down and speeds up while i'm at full throttle and not going up and down a hill.

(c) It just stopped running twice the other morning.

(d) It is a 1975 Cimatti City Bike.

Please try to help if you can. Thanks, Kyle.


look for fred's guide somewhere in these posts. it's up often enough, usually in a thread called "how to fix your moped." use that to troubleshoot your bike. check for compression, spark, and good clean carburetor and exhaust. some other things also.

your bike has a minarelli v1 engine. those are very easy to work on. let us know what you've tried and we can help you out better. if it starts easy enough, it might be a carburetor problem. but maybe someone else migh thave some ideas.

either way, take off the carburetor and clean it thoroughly w/ carb cleaner. it's easy enough to dissasemble and put back together. take it off the manifold and disconnect the fuel line. then open it up and spray and clean it. put it back together and see if it makes a difference. try also cleaning out your exhaust port and the exhaust itself.

all this stuff is covered in fred's guide in very clear step-by-step instructions. i hope it works out for you.

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