Please help! Choosing between 2 mopeds!

Alex and Josh /

Hi everyone,

My buddy Josh is getting a scooter, so I'm looking for a moped to tag-along with. I've found two beauties in my price range, but am not experienced in differences between machines, so I'd love any input any of you all could give me!

OK, one moped is a Batavus 1977 Top Tank, with just 300 original miles and in great shape. I love this one, but am not sure of the top speed, the speedometer is kind of off. I heard between 25-30 miles an hour, but does anyone know if these are good, quick mopeds?

The other is a Daelim Clipper, 1987. From Korea, I gather, and pretty rare in these parts. It should hit 40 mph, but is pretty dorky looking. It has a rear gas tank, and shin guards, but it runs a lot better than it looks... But it's in great shape, too!

If anyone has any experience with these machines, any input would be most greatly appreciated.



Re: Please help! Choosing between 2 mopeds!

I'd go with the Clipper. Rare is cool and I like the style of my Cimatti City Bike that has a rear gas tank. as long as it runs you should be in good shape. and 40 is a lot fastr than 25-30. you'll be glad you got it so you can not only keep up with your frined but pass him.


Re: Please help! Choosing between 2 mopeds!

Chris Robertson /

I always prefer step-through frames over top tanks. People seem to assume you are a motorcyclist wannabe if you drive with a top tank moped.

Having said that, I do own two Jawa Supreme3s which have top tanks.


Re: Please help! Choosing between 2 mopeds!

i also prefer step throughs. they're more fun to ride and are more "mopedish." and rare is also cool. but also consider availability of parts. batavus isn't that common a brand, so parts are rare for that just as much as the other. so on balance, i'd take the clipper. it also seems like it's faster.

also, you can always modify your moped later if you want. have fun!

Re: Please help! Choosing between 2 mopeds!

Alex and Josh /

Hey guys,

Thanks for helping me out. It looks like the Clipper got your votes, and I'm leaning that way myself.... I'll submit some photos of the moped I wind up with.

Thanks again,


Re: Please help! Choosing between 2 mopeds!

Hi, i have had quite many peds in the last year, buying and selling, I would much rather find parts for the BATAVUS , like bending a wheel!!!, replacing a sprocket, or simple ignition parts, COOL can be expencive.... or looking for another ride... Good Luck on your choice, Doug D. in VA.

Re: Please help! Choosing between 2 mopeds!

Mopeds are a about buying them both and deciding later? Maybe you could get a good "package deal!" I agree with Doug that parts might be easier to get for the Batavus....

Good Luck!


Re: Please help! Choosing between 2 mopeds!

actually, akron mopeds has about three clippers (in various states of disrepair). that makes me think that parts for the clipper may not be as hard to find as i previously thought. check w/ them for parts if you can't any place else.

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