My Mo might not have Peds....

I keep looking for a cheap moped in my area and not finding it. The other day I found a 2-stroke 100cc motorcycle on Ebay, practically in my backyard, 1974 with 1087 miles on it, and currently going for $200. It needs a few parts and repairs, but I fully intend to be among the last-second bidding frenzy unles the price climbs up a couple hundred more in the next two days. :P

There seem to be more mopeds around lately, though. They are being hauled out of attics, garages and sheds, it seems. Yesterday I was driving through town and saw someone on a ped a few cars in front of me. Traffic was too bad to get a closer look, though. In the evening I ran by a farm where I had seen someone getting a moped out of the barn the day before (and another staying in the barn) and saw a kid out on the lawn fixing up yet a third bike, a Honda Hobbit. I stopped and chatted, and the kid says they collect mopeds and he fixes them up, some to keep and some to sell. So, at least I have my eye on a possible seller (or source of cheap repair labor!) :P

Re: My Mo might not have Peds....

Simon King /

They seem to be coming out of everywhere these days. I smell a moped comeback, and these gas prices don't hurt.

Re: My Mo might not have Peds....

totally. you only notice what you pay attention to. it's so funny, but true. i never noticed scooters or mopeds around until i got one. now i see/hear them all the time. it's crazy. but i'm glad you found that moped farm. i'm sure you can get one from him (or at least find out how he gets them). good luck!

Re: My Mo might not have Peds....

I asked where he gets them...They just seem to come to him like stray cats or lightning bolts seem to be attracted to certain people. He said people just hear that he fixes mopeds and give him their old junkers, usually for free.

Re: My Mo might not have Peds....

Make friends with that kid! He seems to have the moped gods smiling on him.

As far as eBay goes, unless you can see the item prior to bidding, always expect the worst and then figure what you would want to pay for it.

I've gotten my last 2 Solexes from there and both were what I expected: major work. Having figured for that, they are not bad deals.

Jim C.

Re: My Mo might not have Peds....

what i use ebay for is when i;

- have that aching need for an aneurism

- feel like my money really isn't important to me

- want to be outbid in the last 5 seconds.

- have that aching need for an aneurism again

local kid, local paper, local classifieds. That's the way to go to find used mopeds. I spent 3 weeks looking for mine everywhere. When I brought it home, a neighbor saw me working on it in the driveway and returned with a beautiful Puch which he sold to my neighbor for 50 bucks (ebay price? 400, easy).

I got it. :P

Heh, I won the auction. It needs parts and work, but has a clear title, a 70cc 4-speed Minarelli engine, and is only 30 miles away from my home. :) I even already lined up a couple of parts sources. You'll probably hear me swearing as I come to grips with learning two-stroke repair...I was surprised there was no last-minute bids at all, I guess the no-shipping thing backed off some of the bidders.

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