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Nicolas Anbeek /

Is it possible to attach a regular bicycle speedometer onto a moped? I can't think why it wouldn't be, but before I go out and spent $20 I thought I'd ask the experts.



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Hi!Nick,it might be a good thing that you asked.The hub on a bicycle is a small spindle but the mopeds generally have a big hub with drum brakes.You could jake-leg it to work,but depending on whether you have a Euro. built,or Indian built or Jap. built,you might be surprised that you can get the right system for it for probably less than 40.00 at HANDY BIKES(614-299-0550) in Columbus,OH.If you're just wanting a functional speedo,you can get a digital one at any bike shop or Wal-Mart and they're pretty cheap.You should opt for a lighted one,though.BYE!

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Chris Robertson /

Hi Nick:

I install digital spedometers on all my mopeds. They're worth it just for the trip odometer feature which you can use as a fuel gauge once you know how far a tank will take you.

If you're into tuning your moped, you'll need the accuracy of a digital spedometer to tell you if your tweaks are working too.

A few caveats:

1) Don't buy the cordless spedometers. The electrical noise from the engine will prevent them from working properly.

2) If you have a choice of different brands, get the kind with the wide, black plastic, macaroni-shaped magnets that fold around the spokes instead of the button-shaped brass ones that bolt onto one of your spokes. The problem with the button-shaped ones, is that they're designed for bicycle spokes which are a much higher gauge than moped spokes (so they don't fit).


Re: Bicycle speedometer


I like the idea of a very accurate speedometer. How much am I looking at for the digital ones you talk about? I did some final tweeking on my Batavus and the speedo reads 42 mph, but I really doubt the accuracy of it.


Re: Bicycle speedometer

Chris Robertson /

Here in Canada, I can get them for CDN$25 (US$17). Just go to any hardware store or department store that sells bicycles.

A word of warning: Don't buy the really cheap kind that have no buttons on the display --they don't work very well.


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