Update on new Nerd movie

Casting was completed last week, and production has begun! Thanks to all the moped riders who tried out for the part. Sorry we could not use all of you-great turn out though! Those who did make the cut will be in the movie riding their mopeds-because the stunt men refused to ride mopeds! All you pencil-neck geeks, keep watching your computer screens for updates on the movie!

Re: Update on new Nerd movie

awesome. i'm so there. i'll put the date on my palm v.

Re: Update on new Nerd movie

btw, it's awesome the stunt people were afraid to ride mopeds. just goes to show who the real tough guys are.

Re: Update on new Nerd movie

waynebroderick /

I smell a troll.

Re: Update on new Nerd movie

Reeperette /

Too bad you missed out on the BBQ, dude - woulda made my day (but most definately not yours) if you had dared to show up.


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