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Rob Hoehn /

Hey all, just want to say that I am very sorry that I missed the BBQ, but I was in the middle of moving out of my apartment, and just couldn't get my shit together in time and head out. I WILL be at the next one.

Anyway, wondering on your thoughts about two mopeds I just looked at. One is a 1980 Sears-Robuck made by Columbia manufacturing. The other is something I have never heard of, but it said 'Five Star' on the side and also, 'General'. Both were in pretty good shape, compression, clean carbs, etc. However, it looked like both of them needed a new coil (no spark). Anyone know if it would be hard to get a coil for either of these mopeds? Any thoughts in general? Thanks.


Coils are probably fine.

There is about a 1% chance that the problem's are the coils.

It is almost always either a fouled spark plug or dirty points.

Sears and Wards and others usually just changed the name on an Italian ped and sold them as theirs.

So new engine parts SHOULD be no problem.

Chassis parts might not be as easy.

Re: Coils are probably fine.

i think you mean the "five star general" which came w/ either a minarelli or a franco morini engine. both are italian engines (somewhat similar) and easy to work w/. We have a couple generals now in kzoo and they are pretty good.

the other is probably the columbia commuter. there are also two of them in kzoo, one ridden by a moped army member those are also nice bikes. they have a sachs motor (unless they also came w/ another variation).

fred's probably right about the coils. simply cleaning the points and the rest of the troubleshooting he uses would be the way to go. i recommend bosh platinums. both should use a 4214 bosch platinum (unless the general has a morini engine, which uses a different size of plug).

both engines are easy enough to get parts, since they're pretty common. most "american" mopeds were just european mopeds w/ different stickers on them.

Speakin of Coils.

Reeperette /

I Got one on order, finally...with much cross-checkin, it came to light that the Bosch standard coil oughta do the job...and I ordered a Bosch plug in the same order.

WHY the crossref charts told me W8BC, I do not know, proper plug is W4A2 !

Small wonder the coil isn't causin em to fire ! (bein that the only one's I could get were W7BC)...geeze, and the coil doesn't seem to put the same voltage each time I test it.

Being that this 95 Targa has about 21,500 on it...I do intend to replace the coil anyhow, but what else y'all think I should stick my nose in ?

Magneto/spinner/whatever-the-hell that thing is looks fairly strack, cleaned it and put it back on, etc.


Re: Thoughts on Two Mopeds

Hi,Rob! The GENERAL 5-star is almost a dead ringer for my MOTOMARINAS and Miguel described the exact motors mine have.They are tough bikes and easy to get parts at HANDY BIKES in Columbus,OH if you ask for B.J..(614-299-0550).I don't know anything about the Columbia except they seem a little lighter duty than the General.I'd concentrate on the GENERAL first as parts should be more easily gotten for it.BYE!

Re: Thoughts on Two Mopeds

I think the 5star general also came with a sachs engine...

the commuter is a nice bike (tho i dont like the built in tank). The sachs engines can be some tough engines. it depends on which one tho.

Re: Speakin of Coils.

Hey,Ree! I'd make sure the spark plug wire is replaced unless you have done it recently.They can rob you of spark power too,and a lot of people overlook this simple wire `cause they're thinking way over it's head.I've got an ANKUR which was almost new but the spark plug wire was bad.Takes a good wire to keep that CDI ignition from jumping to ground.BYE!

Re: Speakin of Coils.

Reeperette /

Yeah, I was thinkin wire too, cleaned as best as possible, used the old coca-cola trick to clean off the anodization, re-fitted the cap, but the power coming out still isn't regular, and short of sawing open the coil's plastic case and hookin up a new bit of wire (too much hassle), I don't see any way to fix that problem.

Checked the regulator for good measure and all it's readouts are right on the money.


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