puch tank leakage

Mike Skinner /

I've recently bought a 1980 Puch maxi K for

Re: puch tank leakage

Ron Brown /


Try to find a product called KREEM at a motorcycle shop. It is a package for cleaning and lining rusty tanks and will seal small holes.

Another option, in England, is to buy a copy of Classic Bike and talk to some companies who specialize in gas tank repair.


Re: puch tank leakage

Hi,Mike! I'm afraid you're stuck with cutting off the exterior to get to the problem.I could be wrong, but I think the sealant idea they have will just be temporary.Ron's idea however may help for a while,because I've heard that stuff(kreem) works well.But if you live in England you may not have access to it.I haven't seen a good close up look of your tank,but if you have some skilled people around,cutting and re-soldering would be the best.I wish you well with your pesky problem.BYE!

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